Australian War Memorial, Wellington, New Zealand by TZG Team

light and shadow shaping the place of memory and reflection

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TZG团队和艺术顾问Janet Laurence一起,在“Design Excellence”竞赛中赢得了这个纪念碑项目。澳大利亚战争纪念碑呈现出红色的砂岩“地貌”,成为记忆与反思的标志性场所,展现出澳大利亚特色,并巧妙地回应了场地原有的遗址。

The proposed Memorial, won in a Design Excellence tender in conjunction with artist adviser, Janet Laurence, is a ‘landform’ of red sandstone, forming an iconic and appropriate place of memory and reflection, embodying the Australian character and responding to the urban and heritage qualities of the site.

▼光影塑造记忆与反思的场所,light and shadow shaping the place of memory and reflection © Mike Rolfe


The Memorial comprises 15 columns, each 6m tall and arranged in an open array on a surface of red sandstone and dark grey basalt. The columns form an open backdrop to the ceremonial plaza facing the New Zealand National War Memorial, with its civic steps, raised Tomb and tall Carillon. Each of the columns relates in form to the Carillon, repeating its volume at a smaller scale, creating strong connections without mimicry. The shaping of the array and the landscape of the Memorial Park defines the new Ceremonial Plaza and continues the sweep of the park’s planned Memorial Terraces.

▼红色的砂岩“地貌”,‘landform’ of red sandstone © Mike Rolfe

▼柱子缩小了钟楼的比例,repeating the volume of the Carillon at a smaller scale © Mike Rolfe


The columns are constructed of rugged red sandstone, instantly recognisable as an image of Australia. The Columns each have an inset panel of reflective polished black granite, carrying a curated program of interpretation. Amongst the Columns is a series of plinths providing a focus for large and small ceremonies and wreath-laying.

▼珠子镶嵌抛光的黑色花岗岩嵌板,with an inset panel of reflective polished black granite © Mike Rolfe

▼基座用来摆放鲜花,a series of plinths providing a focus for wreath-laying © Mike Rolfe


Each Column stands on a band of the same red stone, extending the stance of the Column outward into the landscape. Between these red bands are bands of grey stone, symbolising the New Zealand landscape: the interweaving is a perpetual reminder of the interwoven destiny of the two nations.

▼夜景,night view © Mike Rolfe


The Memorial was completed for the Centenary of the ANZAC landing in April 2015.

▼手绘效果图,景观与纪念馆遥相呼应,sketch, the landscape facing the New Zealand National War Memorial © TZG Team

▼手绘效果图,不同时间的景观,sketch, landscape in different time © TZG Team

▼概念草图,concept sketch © TZG Team

Client: Australian Government Department of Veteran Affairs
TZG Team: Peter Tonkin, Matilda Watson, Juliane Wolter in association with Paul Rolfe Architects

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