Aranya Homes Reception Center, Qinhuangdao, China by Y SPACE

A quiet space with visual hierarchy guidance

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D3员工中心,位于阿那亚社区D3地块湿地公园内,是上海建言建筑(Verse Design)为阿那亚社区功能配套所设计的一栋独立建筑,同时此建筑也成为了Aranya社区的新地标之一。

Located at Wetland Park of aranya D3 Block, D3 Homes Reception Center is a individual building designed for supporting community functions of aranya community. This building is currently one of the new landmarks of aranya.

▼鸟瞰图,aerial view of the building ©唐徐国


Exterior facade of the architecture was wrapped by white perforated plate, with vaguely main structure, greatly showing mystery and purity. There are five floors inside the building, collecting multi-functions in one body such as, tourist consulting, accommodation reception, diverting people flow, staff office, etc. This scheme is the living room of aranya community, which is also one of the main transition space for connecting and diverting between the community and outside.

▼建筑外观,external view of the building ©唐徐国

facade wrapped with white perforated metal panels ©唐徐国


One tricky problem encountered during the design process was, Homes Reception Center need to digest the transition flow of more than 2000 people everyday in peak period, with instant people flow usually up to 400-500 people. The huge guest flow brings more challenges as how to solve the noisy problem and keep smooth circulation for interior space, which became our main concerns about the space design.

▼室内空间概览,overall view of the interior space ©唐徐国


At the beginning of conceptual phase, we proposed a consumption as what kind of space would naturally calm people down? We listed and summarized space like bookstore, Buddhist temple, church, classroom, and library, feeling that the solemn and respectful dignity of church greatly matches with the atmosphere and usage of the space. Church is always full with senses of diginty, liability, and stability. It was called the place to heal the soul of people. This echoes the main concept of aranya that bringing young people who love culture and arts with spiritual release. Then this concept was undeniable accepted by the design team. Hence, there is a kind of visual hierarchy guidance in current space. It appears as decoration and structure are both ‘queuing’, everything is not in rush.

▼盒子概念,box concept ©明懿空间设计

▼空间分析,spatial analysis ©明懿空间设计


On the other hand, Verse Design did tall glazing facade for both sides of the whole ground floor, to visually enlarge the width of overall hall. Our design sticks on the principle that keeping each millimeter uncovered. With all the temptation of beautiful scenery out there, are guests eager to get out and have a look once they finished check-in?

▼大厅,lobby ©唐徐国

▼通透的玻璃幕墙,transparent glass curtain wall ©唐徐国




First of all, the reception includes a service bar up to 20m, with capacity amount of 18 people. It takes the responsibility of affording reception, rest, and guidance. We made a little house for these 18 reception bars with steel meshes, to neatly organize these reception bars inside it. The steel mesh is an usual and normal material, as it is often seen at the car wash store for its floor. These grids not only divide the space and make sure that tourists would not interrupt the working circulation of staffs, but also ensure the transparency of this area. We made a special home for keys of every hostel property, in this case each key has their own grids so that they can enjoy the beautiful scenery at the same time be easily and quickly found by staffs.

▼接待台,reception ©唐徐国

▼接待台后方设置格子,grid behind the reception table ©唐徐国




Finally, we chose the initial box elements to accommodate each function in a form of box. For example, the reception (mesh box), luggage room (one-side opened box), self-service cabinet (three individual boxes), resting benches (line-to-surface box), sanitary area (closed entity box) etc.

▼行李间,luggage room ©唐徐国




Benches in church are usually long rectangles made of wood, not that comfortable, but organized in an orderly manner. We also arranged the benches in Homes Reception Center in the similar way, but double sided. The gaps between every two benches are larger. In this case, huge luggage brought by guests would not stuck the path.

▼整齐排列的长椅,benches orderly organized ©唐徐国

▼空间尽端放有介绍册的墙面,wall at the end of the space with  ©唐徐国

▼长椅细部,details of the benches ©唐徐国




Homes Reception Center is a 24 hours reception station. The operation gave us important advice that retail service could be added in to the building without increasing the cost in staffs, so guests could purchase daily usage by vending machines. At the same time, guests taking seats at the reception and waiting for checking in can take water by themselves, to reduce the intersection of service circulation by the operation. Thus, we put three huge wooden boxes under the ceiling of hallway, so that the circulation for guests to the sanitary area could be divided out. By doing this, it also keeps the complete form of vending machines, and supplies a shelter from intensive summer daylight from west to cut down energy loss of the hall.

▼走廊,corridor ©唐徐国

▼客房走廊,corridor on the guest level ©唐徐国




Facing the noisy situation in peak period of people flow, the ceiling of whole space is made of acoustic wooden fiber board. It was a surprise that the rusticity of wooden fiber boards embodied the whole space with a loose sense, softening the space to some extents. Moreover, the brutality of wooden fiber board and the delicateness of hardware and lamps form a contrast between each other.

▼吊顶和细部,ceiling and details ©上/下右:朱一鸣,下左:唐徐国


‘I prayed for peace, rather than rest.’


Homes Reception Center probably is the first place where tourists coming to aranya would visit, and the last station where they would say goodbye to aranya. We hope that all souls trudged through a long way, to come from peace, and finally leave with it.

▼轴测图,axonometric ©明懿空间设计


Project Name: Aranya Homes Reception Center
Design: Y SPACE
Contact e-mail:
Design & Completion Year: 2021
Leader Designer & Team: Xiaolu Wei, Yiming Zhu
Project Location: Aranya, Qinhuangdao, China
Gross Built Area: 1100㎡
Photo Credits: Xuguo Tang
Clients: Aranya

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