Aranya Children’s art classroom,China by odd

Create a world with children

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Aranya声声音乐艺术馆是odd设计事务所受阿那亚委托,打造的一个集音乐、唱歌、舞蹈表演、手工、绘本阅读于一体的儿童音乐艺术空间. 它包含简餐休闲区,三个独立琴房、绘本区以及综合舞蹈教室。

Aranya Children’s art classroom is designed by odd, which creates a children’s music art space that integrates music, singing, dance performances, art work, and picture books. It contains a casual dining area, three separate piano rooms, a picture book area, and a comprehensive dance studio.

▼空间入口,the entrance

设计师希望不是给孩子一个世界,而是和他们一起创造世界,不是以具象和装饰化的语言去给予孩子一个空间.而是以童心去构想具有无限想象力的空间。将原本三个相互独立和封闭的空间的隔墙最大限度的拆除。通过新的设计语言去探索空间形态的趣味性,使建筑固化的结构墙体消隐在空间之中。 融合的同时创造出多变丰富具有探索性的空间。

The designer hopes not to give children a world but to create a world with them. Instead of giving children a space with figurative and decorative things, it is innocent to conceive space with infinite imagination. The walls of three originally independent and closed spaces was dismantled maximally. Through the new design language to explore the fun of space forms, the structural solidified wall is hidden in space. At the same time, the fusion creates a variety of rich and exploratory feeling.

▼绘本区格栅,grille of picture book area

▼绘本区,picture book area


The main material of the space is curved wood, creating a warm and natural atmosphere while intervening in children’s scale. An overall space atmosphere is formed by putting in a white continuous suspended curved wall, wrapping the enclosed space, blurring the boundary between independence and opening. The change of the curved wall in the space and the handling of the openings form multiple open and semi-open spaces. The changing wall combined with the facade windows blur the spatial relationship between indoor and outdoor, forming a variety of spatial types and creating an open, free and natural teaching environment.


▼教师手工工作室,teachers’ manual studio


The independent piano room has soundproofing and sound absorption requirements. On the basis of understanding acoustic systems, integrating acoustic structural components into spatial design language, the new lightweight steel acoustical wall system was used to achieve the thinnest wall. The MLS diffuser integrates with the wall and becomes a spatial façade element.The use of fiber-optic lamps gives a starry sky effect,which was originally only functional perforated sound-absorbing panels.

▼舞蹈综合教室,Dance room

▼简餐休闲区,casual dining area


▼轴测图,Axonometric drawing

▼形态生成过程,Morphogenesis process

设计公司:odd (okamoto deguchi design)
设计师:odd (出口勉Tsutomu Deguchi,冈本庆三Keizo Okamoto,张凤Zhang Feng)

More: odd。更多关于他们: odd on gooood

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