Apple Store, Williamsburg By Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

Apple’s first Brooklyn retail store

Project Specs

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本项目是布鲁克林区的第一家苹果零售店,由Bohlin Cywinski Jackson事务所设计,自开放伊始立即吸引了无数热切盼望体验新空间的顾客。店面位于北方第三大街和贝德福德大街交汇处的一角,地处热闹发达的威廉斯堡的核心地带,距离最近的地铁站只有3个街区的距离。

Apple’s first Brooklyn retail store, designed by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, opened last weekend to thousands of customers eager to experience the new space. Located at the corner of North 3rd Street and Bedford Avenue, the store is in the heart of the popular and evolving Williamsburg neighborhood, just three blocks from the nearest subway station.

▼门店外观,the external view of the store

Bohlin Cywinski Jackson事务所设计的这一面积为13700平方英尺的零售空间使该区域的工业化历史得到了补充,并从既有建筑的砖墙立面和拱形大门中汲取了灵感。该门店有着独特的外观,与纽约的其它苹果门店相比显得非常与众不同,其中包括一家以融入街道生活、提供社区集会空间为目标的新零售店。

Bohlin Cywinski Jackson designed the 13,700-square-foot retail space to complement the borough’s historic industrial past, drawing inspiration from the brick façade and arched openings of the preexisting building. This store has a distinct look and feel compared to Apple’s other New York locations, including a new retail program meant to draw in the street’s public life and serve as a community gathering space.

▼设计从原有建筑中汲取灵感,the design draws inspiration from the preexisting building

▼与众不同的砖墙立面和拱形大门,the distinct brick façade and arched openings


The interiors include polished concrete floors, brick walls, and acoustical wood ceilings. Exposed structural steel and mechanical systems add to the raw, unadorned feel of the store, which is lit by dozens of custom-built pendant lights made by a local fabricator. The store’s back wall features a massive video screen accompanied by a set of movable cube seats for product demos, entertainment, and lounging. Storefront windows allow daylight to fill the space and passersby to peek in while walking through the busy neighborhood.

▼室内空间,the interiors

▼定制吊灯由当地生产,custom-built pendant lights made by a local fabricator

▼后墙处有一块巨大的屏幕,the store’s back wall features a massive video screen

▼可移动的方块座椅,用于产品演示、招待和闲坐,a set of movable cube seats for product demos, entertainment, and lounging

威廉斯堡店是Bohlin Cywinski Jackson事务所在纽约设计的第六家苹果零售店。在过去15年中,该事务所已负责过苹果公司最为重要的几家门店的设计。

The Williamsburg store marks Apple’s sixth New York retail space designed by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson—the architecture firm responsible for many of the company’s most notable stores designed in the past 15 years.

Project: Apple Store Williamsburg
Architect: Bohlin Cywinski Jackson
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Photo:Nic Lehoux, Peter Aaron

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