Apartment X, China by KC Design Studio

A 14-ping space concentrates diverse lifestyles

Project Specs


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It is true that humans have the greatest adaptation because we can get used to all kinds of space. However, after we are acquainted to the owner, it is an issue to consider how we provide the corresponding functions and also consider aesthetics in the face of the diverse lifestyles. When he was talking to us about his likings and needs in life, in such a great number that we can’t count on the fingers, we thought the 14-ping space was not enough.

▼室内空间概览,overview of the interior

在空间的操作上,首先要处裡的是将这么多元的行为做分析,我们提出:同质性、时间性、高度性。同质性的例子有厨房及餐桌,有连贯的作用;时间性代表该场域有意识上的使用,例如 : 看电视、吃饭聊天,虽然睡眠是长时间的行为,但却无意识的;高度性是一件有趣的发现,例如 : 睡觉时我们是躺著的,工作、阅读是坐著的,主要的动线我们是站著经过的。依此类推,将生活型态置入空间,错层的位置也能被定义出来,同时也是基础的形成。但这样仍然不够使用,所以我们提出了变化型的使用,这概念其实是将复合的机能统一化,在需要时还能独立使用。我们将开放厨房结合旋转餐桌,除了能提供开阔的场域外,必要时还能同时拥有,而对侧的墙面也设计了活动收纳的机能,来满足屋主临时性的使用。

▼相互连接的厨房、餐桌及起居室,the living room, kitchen and dinning table are connected in one space

▼开放厨房结合旋转餐桌提高空间使用效率,the open kitchen is combined with the turning dining table,  improving the space efficiency 

▼开放厨房可以满足对宽敞空间以及厨房、用餐功能的多样需求,open kitchen meets the need of spacious space and requirements of the kitchen&dinning function

▼起居室对面的工作室,work space at the opposite of the living room

▼墙面用作收纳空间,wall is used as storage space

▼设计将生活型态置入空间,定义错层的位置,the design places  lifestyle into the space and define the staggered position

In the operation of the space, first we have to analyze the diverse actions. We propose homogeneity, time, and height. The examples of homogeneity include the kitchen and the dining table, which are with the consistent functions. Time means the conscious use of the field, such as watching TV, dining, and chatting. Although sleeping is a long-time behavior, it is unconscious. Height is an interesting finding. For example, we lie down when sleeping. We sit down when working and reading. We stand when we pass the main flow. Depending on this concept, we place the lifestyle into the space. The staggered positions can be defined and at the same time the basis is formed. This does not make enough space, though. So we propose the variable uses. In fact, this concept is to unify the complex functions, which can be used uniquely when needed. We combine the open kitchen with the turning dining table. Besides providing the broad field, both of them can be used when necessary. The wall on the other side is also designed with the function of mobile storage to meet the owner’s temporary usage needs.

▼通向上层的楼梯,stairs to the upper floor

▼从二层看起居室及厨房区域,view from the upper floor to the living room and kitchen

▼俯瞰工作区域,look down at the work space

▼衣帽间,dressing room


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