Apartment Palatina I by rar. studio

An acupunctural intervention.

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Palatina位于里斯本市中心,是一座修建于20世纪中期的小型宅邸,有着葡萄牙特有的娴静风格,其原设计者为建筑师Carlos Rebelo de Andrade。该建筑原本是一栋独户住宅,在本世纪初被改建成4间独立的公寓。Palatina 1号公寓占据了这座宅邸的第二层空间,这里原本用作社交区域,包含大厅、办公室、台球室、小客厅、会客室、食品间、餐厅和温室,在材料和细节装饰上都极尽奢华。业主希望使公寓更加现代化,在增强家庭维度、使其更适于居住的同时,保留其原有的空间结构和饰面材料,并且不违背操作上的限制规范。这些要求最终导致了一种极为细致的建筑介入。

Palatina is a small palace built in the centre of Lisbon in the mid-20th century according to plans designed by Architect Carlos Rebelo de Andrade in the Português Suave style. Originally conceived to serve the purpose of a single family residence, the building was converted into four distinct apartments earlier this century. Apartment Palatina I occupies the main first floor of this mansion, the former location of the social areas – hall, office, billiards room, small living room, drawing room, pantry, dining hall, greenhouse – and correspondingly draws upon the magnificent ostentatiousness of both its amplitude and its materials and decorative details. The client sought to modernise the apartment and reinforce its domestic dimension so as to render it more habitable all the while conserving its spatial structure and the finishing materials through restricted and occasional operations. The challenge resulted in an acupunctural intervention.

▼原宅邸有着葡萄牙特有的娴静风格,the original palace is in the Português Suave style

▼会客室,drawing room


The greenhouse got converted into an external space enabling the entrance of natural light into the sombre far eastern section of the apartment and resulting in a balanced contention of the living room areas. This also preserved the stunning 19th century tile panel, now also conveniently illuminated and endowing the feature with its due profile through the minimisation and transparency of the interior/exterior transition. The kitchen and bathrooms were subject to the same capillary strategy through the pondered integration of new equipment and the design of new structures in alignment with the existing stone pavements and tiled walls.

▼原先的温室被改造为一个外部空间,the greenhouse got converted into an external space

▼自然光得以深入东面较为昏暗的空间, the natural light is able to enter the sombre far eastern section of the apartment

▼19世纪的精致瓷砖也被保留下来, the stunning 19th century tile panel was also preserved

▼室内空间,interior view

▼浴室,新的设施和结构与既有的石质地面相互搭配,the new equipment of the bathroom were integrated with the existing stone pavements

▼ 花砖墙面细部,detail of the tiled wall

Date:2015 – 2016
Gross Internal Area:150 m2
Architecture:Rita Aguiar Rodrigues
Contractor:RVI – Recuperação e Valorização de Imóveis, Lda.
Photography:Francisco Nogueira

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