Apartamento das divisorias by Casa100 Arquitetura

Combining and dividing

Project Specs


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The first request made by the resident of this apartment, was to have a minimalist environment, with references to Scandinavian architecture. She did not want many colors and not much information in the apartment. Architecture should speak for itself. The apartment originally had 2 bedrooms, and two bathrooms. 



With the changes made in the project, the master suite got bigger, and where the 2nd bedroom was, it turned into a large closet, which is a kind of entrance hall of the suite, and where the restroom is located. In the bathroom the idea was to join the 2 shower cabins turning into just one larger, for the suite, since the smaller one now turned into a restroom. The open kitchen to the living room has received a support counter which also serves as a dining space for 2 people.

▼客厅,living room

▼厨房的操作台面同时也是用餐空间,the support counter also serves as a dining space for 2 people

▼厨房和客厅向露台敞开,the kitchen and living room open to a wide terrace

▼露台上的空调被隐藏在有孔的金属板内,the air conditioning machine on the terrace was hidden by a perforated metal plate



The air conditioning machine on the terrace was hidden by a perforated metal plate, and on it, the wooden shelf receives some plants for everyday uses. To maintain clarity throughout the apartment, and not visually diminish the room, the division between social and intimate wing was done with a dotted glass, allowing the good use of the natural light but also maintaining the privacy of the enclosed environment. The materials follow a more sober line, so we have plenty of white, wood in American oak leaves, and copper tubes that are shelf structures in the kitchen, living room and bedroom.

▼带波点的玻璃用于私人空间和公共空间的划分,the division between social and intimate wing was done with a dotted glass


▼原先次卧所在的空间被改造为一个巨大的衣柜,the original 2nd bedroom was turned into a large closet


Interior design follows the same line of architecture. Lightweight, neutral, minimalist and with Scandinavian references. This way we have a great presence of the colors white and gray and also some pastel colors. There are not many furniture in the apartment by a request from the resident who sought a space without much information. Regarding materials, we basically work with apparent concrete on the slab and countertops, white slatted porcelain flooring, paneling wood and cabinets, and copper tubes, elements that have structured the support shelves. The lighting is all made with apparent piping, and in the suite the electrical structure serves as well as a support for the spots, and also they become luminaires with led strips on the top, working as a guide by the light reflected in the slab, from the closet to the bathroom of the suite.

▼主卧室,master suite

▼置物架中使用了铜管作为支撑,copper tubes were used as shelf structures in the bedroom


▼灯具细部,light detail


▼电气管道的顶部装置着LED灯带,the electrical structure becomes a luminaire with LED strips on the top



▼厨房平面及剖面图,kitchen plan and section

▼卧室平面及剖面图,bedroom plan and section

▼浴室平面及剖面图,bathroom plan and section

Project Name: Apartamento das divisorias
Architecture: Casa100 Arquitetura (Diogo Luz and José Guilherme Carceles)
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Area: 65m2
Lightworks: Casa100 Arquitetura
Construction: Chapolim Reformas
Project Year: 2016
Production: Nuria Uliana
Photography: Gui Morelli
Project Description

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