Résidence GRAND-PIC by APPAREIL architecture

A tradition-inspired cottage that combines soberness and light.

Project Specs


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Inspired by traditional shapes and the surrounding nature, the chalet design is a unique architecture tailor-made for its residents. The owners wanted a warm space, fit to host family and friends, in harmony with the environment, a space that breathes fresh air and replenishment. The GRAND PIC cottage offers, through simplicity and sober physicality, a unique experience of symbiosis between nature and architecture.

▼建立住宅与环境的共生关系,a unique experience of symbiosis between nature and architecture


The design of the cottage results from a sensitive reading of the magnificent woods in which it is located. Before even starting to imagine the project, the objective was to let ourselves be guided and inspired by the terrain’s characteristics. This experience of the terrain, from the very start, allowed us to seize all the potential of the different ambiances that were present. These ambiances directed the APPAREIL architecture team’s work. Each move was influenced by a desire to optimise the space’s intrinsic qualities. Upon arrival at the site, beyond the building, the team considered the exterior spaces. In the periphery, the outfitting of a parking space allows residents to leave the car and give space to a pathway, from which the cottage emerges through the trees. 

▼单调沉静的建筑外貌,the simple and black exterior



The interior plane is organised around a central technical core. On the ground floor, the partitions were rendered minimally, freeing the living spaces. The kitchen, partially integrated with the core, benefits from a large storage space. On the second floor, the central core prolongs itself, this time into a dormitory zone for guests. Interior openings, overlooking the ground floor spaces, accentuate the influx of light and create a link between the two levels.

▼上层窗口给予客房一个良好的俯瞰视角,interior openings overlooking the ground floor spaces

与单调的黑色外貌相反,空间内部在开窗和材料的协助下呈现明亮而愉悦的氛围。浅色的木料奠定了明亮的空间基调,与户外的绿植遥相呼应。墙面的木质纹理和天花板更强调了当地的传统木屋。墙面木材来自俄罗斯进口。通过一个简单的设计,设计师为使用者创造了沉静而温暖的居住环境。不论是空间布局,细节设计或是内外墙材质, GRAND PIC木屋都回应了强烈的北欧风情。

In contrast to the black monochrome exterior, the interior overflows with light through its openings, and through the brightness of its materials. On the walls, the Russian plywood was highlighted. The omnipresence of light wood tinges the interior light, giving it similar characteristics to the light under the nearby vegetal cover. The wood’s texture on all walls and ceilings of the interior envelope allows the shape of the vernacular-inspired main interior volume to be accentuated. The objective of creating a sober and warm space for the owners was made possible through an architecture steeped in simplicity. As much through its volume and its design as through its exterior and interior coverings, the GRAND PIC cottage offers a timeless construction inspired by Nordic traditions.

▼与单调的黑色外貌相反,空间内部呈现明亮而愉悦的氛围,in contrast to the black monochrome exterior, the interior overflows with light

▼开敞式客厅和厨房,the open layout of the ground floor

▼木材营造温暖的内部氛围, the omnipresence of light wood tinges the interior light

▼交通空间,circulation space

▼底层平面图,the ground floor plan

▼上层平面图,the first floor plan

Collaborators :
Project name : Résidence GRAND-PIC
Location : Austin town, Eastern Townships
In-service date : March 20th 2017
Architect : APPAREIL architecture, Robert Lavoie, Kim Pariseau Contractor : Martin Coley construction
Woodwork : Niconova
Light design : Hamster
Photographer : Félix Michaud

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