Antica Birreria Heineken by Studio DiDeA

The interior design features noble and warm materials.

Project Specs


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Studio DiDeA设计团队将临街的服装店改造为一家餐厅。项目位于两条主要城市道路交叉口的一座居民楼一层。临街立面的窗户大而明亮,将充足的自然光线引进室内空间。该餐厅布局合理,用餐区域靠近窗户可以吸引顾客,而厨房以及其他服务空间则被藏在内侧。

Studio DiDeA converted a former clothes shop in a restaurant. The venue is situated at the ground floor of a residential building at the crossing of two major city streets: the interior is wide and filled with light thanks to the large bright windows. Its plan was particularly adapt to be a restaurant because it allowed to allocate the space for clients toward the streets , the kitchen and the other service rooms in the internal part.

▼室内空间概览,overview ©Serena Eller

餐厅取名为Antica Birreria,意思是古老的啤酒厂。餐厅老板在巴勒莫拥有多家相同名字的店面,设计风格整合了了北欧啤酒厂以及午餐吧台的特点。设计团队借鉴了其他几家餐厅的设计风格,并进行改良,打造了一个既温馨又优雅的用餐空间。

The place is named Antica Birreria that means Ancient Brewery, since the client owns several restaurants with this name in Palermo, whose heavy design is something between northern european breweries and a lunch counter. This was the starting point for the design team that revisited that format to create a welcoming but still elegant restaurant.

▼立面窗户大而明亮,large bright windows ©Serena Eller

▼入口空间,the entrance ©Serena Eller

▼吧台及酒柜陈列,bar area and drinks rack  ©Serena Eller


The interior design features noble and warm materials -among which oak wood largely used for the boiserie (interrupted by counters upholstered with green guatemala marble), for flooring (together with checkered tiles) and for benches upholstered with green leather reminiscent of diner style-as well as brass chandelier opposed to industrial style elements such as the iron profile on the upper edge of the boiserie, the gray cement resin for the walls, the electro-welded nets in which the ivy climbs and the exposed systems on the black ceiling. The numerous pillars in the center of the rooms dedicated to the public have been camouflaged integrating them into the furnishings – boiseries and benches – and with climbing plants.

▼设计选材大面积使用橡木,oak wood largely used ©Serena Eller

▼木质地板和墙裙,oak wood floor and boiserie  ©Serena Eller

▼爬满常春藤的铁丝网吊顶,electro-welded nets in which the ivy climbs ©Serena Eller

▼黄铜吊灯以及外露式黑色天花板,brass chandelier and exposed systems on the black ceiling  ©Serena Eller

▼木质墙裙以及棋盘格瓷砖地板,wooden boiserie and checkered tiles  ©Serena Eller

▼危地马拉绿色大理石吧台,green guatemala marble counter  ©Serena Eller

▼绿色皮制沙发,benches upholstered with green leather  ©Serena Eller

▼铁制墙裙压条,the iron profile on the upper edge of the boiserie  ©Serena Eller

▼平面图,floor plan


Client: Magnum S.r.l.
Tasks: Refurbishment, Interior Desig
Year: 2019
Place: Palermo
Area: 800,00 square meters
Contractor: Di Maio Costruzioni
Materials: Resin /oak wood / tiles / iron/ green guatemala marble
Flooring Tiles: Fogazza Palermo
Ceramic: TBK
Woodworking: Falegnameria Mannina
Ironwork: Cricchio
Marble: Lo Bianco
Aspiration system: D’Arpa impianti di aspirazione
Electrical: Osint S.r.l.s.
Materials supplier: Garden House Palermo
Furniture Supplier: Longho Design Concept Store – Chairs Similtone
Kitchen Supplier: Concept & Design – Angelo Po, Ferrara forni
Lighting: Il Fanale, Flos
Plants: Vivai Lo Verso Federico
Glass: Vetreria Gaetano Alioto
Pictures: ©Serena Eller

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