Aesop in Jiyugaoka by ciguë

Bright and domestic.

Project Specs

Design Firm:

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Founded in 1987, the Aesop company has became the most popular and renowned skin-and-hair-care-product brand. Following the philosophy of eco-Friendly and sustainable of this brand, designers of ciguë have finished the interior design of this new store with the materials all comes from the local spaces. Located in one of the most famous neighborhood Jiyugaoka, the store,with its bright and spacious atmosphere and the concise and domestic design, is in harmony with the surrounding neighborhood.

▼商店外观,exterior view


The ground and wall are presented with rough concrete which contributes to a quiet and calm atmosphere. The glazed front and large openings bring in the natural light and contribute to a bright space. By imitating the rail track, the display shelves are made with laminated resin. The sun light goes through the translucent laminated resin shelves and illuminate the products. The sale and basin points are made of terrazzo. The dark terrazzo keeps the balance of this  interior. Directional spotlights highlighting the products and make them easy to be caught by the customers’ attention. 

▼毛面混凝土地面和墙面,水磨石柜台和树脂展示架塑成的空间,the space of rough concrete walls and ground, terrazzo point and laminated resin shelves

▼水磨石台面平衡空间视觉关系,the dark terrazzo keeps the balance of this  interior

▼以轨道为模板的半透明树脂展示架透出自然光,the sun light goes through the translucent laminated resin shelves and illuminate the products

▼以轨道为模型打造的树脂展示架, the display shelves imitates the rail track


▼树脂展台制作模型, the rail track act as the model of shelves

▼水磨石细部,detail of the terrazzo

floor: rough concrete
walls: rough concrete
product display: fiberglass and laminated resin, vibrated aluminum
point of sale and water point: terrazzo
light: directional spotlights
Total area: 74 m²
Commercial area: 64 m²
Client: Aesop
Design: ciguë
Local architrect : D.brain Co., Ltd
General contractor : D.brain Co., Ltd
© photo : Aesop, ciguë

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