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Conical containers for small belongings. The container is sealed only halfway, behind which the contents are normally hidden. A gentle push rolls the opening downward to enable retrieval of the contents, and releasing the cone brings it back to the original position by its internal weight.

▼设计草图,design sketch ©nendo

▼CONE 系列锥形容器,conical containers ©Akihiro Yoshida

▼容器有各种大小及高度,containers come in various sizes and heights ©Akihiro Yoshida

▼容器只有一半封口,遮盖起其内的物品,container is sealed only halfway, behind which the contents are normally hidden ©Akihiro Yoshida

▼使容器开口向下,即可拿出物品,rolls the opening downward to enable retrieval of the contents ©Akihiro Yoshida




Vases and bowls encased in glass spheres that resemble space helmets. The aroma of flowers or fruit placed within is gently confined, for the scent to be enjoyed by drawing near. In the frosted glass version, the contents are partly obscured, intensifying awareness of the sense of smell. Vessels born by accentuating the perception of scent.

▼设计草图,design sketch ©nendo

▼SCENT系列玻璃器皿,SCENT series glassware ©Akihiro Yoshida

▼SCENT系列花瓶,玻璃球体就像太空头盔,vases, glass spheres that resemble space helmets ©Akihiro Yoshida

▼SCENT系列碗,bowls  ©Akihiro Yoshida

▼器皿细节,detail of the vessels  ©Akihiro Yoshida




A leg runs across the tabletops, instead of passing under, softly joining the tabletops in different heights. As a result, the table legs that should ordinarily support the tabletops appear instead to be supported by them, giving rise to a distinctive floating impression. The collection is named “waterfall” because it recalls water falling from the rocks above.

▼设计草图,design sketch ©nendo

▼WATERFALL系列桌子,WATERFALL table  ©Akihiro Yoshida

▼桌腿横跨桌面,且与不同高度的桌板相连,仿佛从岩石上跌落的水流,the leg runs across the tabletops, softly joining the tabletops in different heights, recalling water falling from the rocks above ©Akihiro Yoshida




Side tables with a section of the cuboid frame cut out. Fitting a sheet glass into the grooves cut in the wooden frame not only gives the tabletop a rarefied presence, but also grants sufficient strength to fulfill its purpose as a side table.

▼设计草图,design sketch ©nendo

▼CUT系列边桌,CUT side tables ©Akihiro Yoshida

▼不同尺寸的边桌,side tables in different sizes ©Akihiro Yoshida

▼玻璃板嵌入框架凹槽,fitting a sheet glass into the grooves cut in the wooden frame ©Akihiro Yoshida




A chair that holds the cushion in place by sliding it in between the arms and the extended legs, like a paper clip. The magnetic seat cushions are removable to enjoy easy customization by adding or removing seat/back cushions and the combination of fabrics and colours.

▼设计草图,design sketch ©nendo

▼CLIP系列椅子,CLIP chairs ©Akihiro Yoshida

▼靠垫可随意拆取,cushions are removable   ©Akihiro Yoshida

▼座椅有高低两个尺寸,the chairs have two sizes ©Akihiro Yoshida

▼椅腿向上延伸,the legs extend upward ©Akihiro Yoshida

▼椅子细节,detail of the chair ©Akihiro Yoshida

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