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For the new fountains of the Rond-Point des Champs-Élysées, we wanted to offer this exceptional and popular site, which articulates joys and sorrows, a highly ambitious technical and aesthetic creation intended for everyone.

▼项目鸟瞰,喷泉对称设置在富有特点的香舍丽榭大道边,aerial view, the fountains are set symmetrically along the exceptional Champs-Élysées  © Studio Bouroullec


Our aim was to blend into the urban landscape, to highlight as delicately as possible the view between Place de la Concorde and Place de l’ Etoile, and to subtly mark the passage from the peace and quiet of the gardens to the bustle of the Avenue des Champs-Elysées. We sought to find the right balance between this unique historical setting and a modern offering. These fountains, erected in six basins, interweave water, light and movement and restore the symmetry of the site. Each structure consists of a 13m-high central mast in bronze, which supports a series of crystal light hangings through which the water flows and falls.

▼从公园透过喷泉看向香榭丽舍大道,from the park, view of the Champs-Élysées through the fountain © Claire Lavabre / Studio Bouroullec


The fountains revolve slowly to accompany passers-by and the movement of traffic. Their ballet mirrors the natural choreography of the setting. This rotation, in addition to the mirror-like effects of the crystals, produces a continuous shimmer and provides an ever-changing perspective.

▼喷泉随着行人和车辆缓缓旋转,the fountain revolving slowly to accompany passers-by  © Charles Pétillon, right © Claire Lavabre / Studio Bouroullec

▼水晶灯柱闪闪发光,crystals produce a continuous shimmer © Claire Lavabre / Studio Bouroullec


The chains of crystal reflect the variations in the light, the seasons, the skies, the trees and the headlights of cars. At nightfall, the fountains light up to evoke a luminous, aerial display. Like a marvel presented to passers-by, their aim is to create feelings of surprise and joy. These feelings are also enhanced by the play of water, its musicality and cheerfulness.

▼喷泉丰富了城市夜景,the fountains enrich the urban night view © ilightfilms

▼喷泉点亮巴黎夜空,at nightfall, the fountains light up the sky of Paris © Charles Pétillon

▼水的舞动令人愉悦,the play of water creates feelings of joy © Charles Pétillon


From the workers to the engineers, from our workshop staff to the technicians, the passionate energy and generosity of all those involved has contributed to producing this outstanding piece of work. A genuinely collective intelligence gradually took shape to meet the technical complexity of this undertaking. Durability, a rigorous assembly and ease of maintenance were at the heart of this engineering feat. The fountain structure was built using a bronze and aluminium alloy designed to resist extreme conditions. Crystal and light have been combined in a tailor-made lighting feature. This crystal, which was specially designed for the project and boasts a unique, patented and assembly method, is weather-proof and capable of resisting environmental changes.

▼喷泉的骨架采用青铜和铝合金,structure made of bronze and aluminium alloy © Claire Lavabre / Studio Bouroullec


More than 250 people participated in the design and building of these fountains to produce technological wonders on a par with the most complex aeronautic works or timepieces. Over the course of three years, around fifty models, including five in real-size, and as many development steps were required to adjust all the technical and aesthetic aspects of this work. The expertise and cutting-edge technologies of the forty workshops and companies who took part in this unique adventure, and the sharing of knowledge and skills are what enabled us to develop this exceptional project.

▼喷泉装有精密的技术零件,the fountain is equipped with sophisticated technical parts © Atelier BLAM


It is an immense joy and honour for us to have brought together this unique collective of expertise and craft excellence to serve a creation which will belong to everyone.

▼手绘概念图,concept drawing © Studio Bouroullec

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