A Rejuvenation Project —The Florist, China by Nayun Design

The Nostalgia of Southern Gate

Project Specs


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The Florist by Huaji Group, is located in place of what was once a historic residence located in the Xiao Xihu District of Nanjing, that had been rejuvenated from its relentless decay, attracting the attention of many local Nanjing city dwellers. The Florist is hidden amongst rows of traditional blue brick homes in and around the Southern Gate of Nanjing where the average age of each home is no less than 30 years old. As many original settlers continue to call this district home, the area is filled with nostalgia.

▼建筑外观,exterior view © 南京拿云室内设计有限公司

▼建筑原貌,the original site © 南京拿云室内设计有限公司


The specialty of The Florist is a traditional clay pot rice (Bao Zai Fan), a traditional homemade dish that is reminiscent to a simpler time, a dish that reminds people of home, a dish of unity and harmony. To recreate this sense of nostalgia, the design concept behind this rejuvenation project employs heavy use of warm colors and organic materials such as wood in front of a backdrop of light beaming down from the large panel skylights that brings ample sunlight into the narrow interior, integrating its farthest edges into one contiguous space and bringing new life into the stony blue brick structure of its olden days.

▼改造后的空间概览,interior overall view after renovation © 南京拿云室内设计有限公司

▼大面积的玻璃天井弥补了狭小空间采光的不足 © 南京拿云室内设计有限公司
the large panel skylights that brings ample sunlight into the narrow interior

▼用餐区,dining area © 南京拿云室内设计有限公司


The inclusion of traditional decorative elements such as an antique sewing machine and an bamboo ore tastefully preserve and complement the nostalgic vibe in this historic structure. On a lighter note, a series of insect paraphernalia in the form of graphics and books have been carefully placed in different areas of the space to build a smooth transition to its neighboring [Huaji bug space], an interesting but fun twist to the overall tone of the space.

▼室内细节,interior details © 南京拿云室内设计有限公司

▼楼梯,stairs © 南京拿云室内设计有限公司

▼二层空间,the upper floor © 南京拿云室内设计有限公司

▼细节,details © 南京拿云室内设计有限公司

项目设计 & 完成年份:2021.01.26

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