A breathing cake shop – MarierWagashi By BloomDesign

The cake shop with an air of detachment from the urban hustle.

Project Specs


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“Only by planting the roots of design into the earth can we harvest its towering trees.”

—— 余平 Yu Ping, Chinese designer


Marier in Japanese means intimacy or intimate connection between people. MarierWagashi locates its first heritage shop in Shangmeilin, Shenzhen, more precisely, the ground floor of an old building in an old community, with an air of detachment from the urban hustle.

▼闹中取静的店面,the shop is of detachment from the urban hustle


For Li Baolong and Chen Xiaohu from BloomDesign, each project has a story, so does this cake shop, where the hero is 64-years-old Maruyama, founder of Marier brand, whose lifelong pursuit of best cake manifests the professional spirit of striving for the perfection. They need to tell this story through the language of design.

▼品牌标识,the brand


BloomDesign, inheriting the plain philosophy of “Selecting natural ingredients to make the best cake” that Marier brand has insisted for over 40 years, keeps highly restrained in design and awestruck for Nature, takes advantage of the natural elements to embellish large area of blank-leaving, creates an experiencing space combined with actual and visual scenes, thus illustrating the simple and reserved qualities of Marier brand.

▼空间采用未经修饰的天然元素点缀,using natural materials as interior design

▼空间大面积留白,the space keeps highly blank


Inside the space, raw stone taken from mine surface, original wood without processing, terrazzo flooring of traditional retro feature, these details abandon decorative or foppish appearance, instead, pursue authentic and pure beauty. Old tree outside the window interacts with huge original rock inside the shop through narrow glass curtain wall, bringing Nature back to city and immersing clients in its blessing. Enjoy a sip of Taiwan cold-brewing tea, matching with one bite of Japanese wagashi, leisurely afternoon tea time gives a special texture to life.

▼玻璃窗与店内环境对比出动静两种氛围,the window reflects both from inside and the outside

▼原生木料带来朴素质感,the original wood bring modest atmosphere


All of the design solutions follow Marier brand’s idea of natural health, from the earth-like color, natural texture to unadorned furnishings, natural ornament. Through minimalistic visual language and design techniques, BloomDesign presents multi-level artistic conception of “Seeing a mountain in a rock and a forest in a tree” that is typical in Oriental context. It seems like clients are exposed in a world that exists as naturally as breathe, that lies in yet away from the bustling city…

▼平面图,the plan

建筑面积:117 m²
摄 影:聂晓聪
Design company: BloomDesign 
Design range: branding, interiors, lighting
Creative director: Li Baolong, Chen Xiaohu
Project team: Qiu Wendi, Zhang Renqiang
Project location: Shenzhen, China
Building area: 117 m2
Lighting design: Ding Jie
Construction company: HeiZhuangXiu
Stone supplier: Da Gang Stone
Coating supplier: buoncolor
Lighting supplier: KA Lights, iGuzzini
Design period: 2016.10-2016.12
Construction period: 2017.03-2017.05
Photographer: Nie Xiaocong

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