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City mountainscape.

Project Specs


非常感谢 北京北林地景园林规划设计院有限责任公司 予gooood分享以下内容。更多关于他们:Beijing Beilin Landscape Architecture institute on gooood.
Appreciation towards Beijing Beilin Landscape Architecture institute for providing the following description:


Project is located in the Ba da chu Road and Dong xia zhuang Road intersection, the surrounding residential and office buildings, guest houses, covers an area of only 1370 square meters. As located in the downtown street, the place mixed with traffic flow, traffic complex, The building will be demolished and transform into a shared city public space.

▼鸟瞰,Bird view

▼满足市民休息、穿行的功能,同时充分考虑沿街视角,The function meet the public rest and cross through, while taking full account of the street across the view


The advantage of decentration lies in the evolution of groups. The design does not anticipate and control crowd behavior, but integrates the related elements, to provide more possibilities, so that a variety of behavioral characteristics emerged from the system spontaneously.

▼行人快速通过步道,pedestrian crossing

▼短暂休息空间,Short break space

▼儿童嬉戏的场所,A place for children to play



From the city perspective, A wooden grid undulating back of a chair create a “city landscape” intention.

▼起伏的木格栅,wooden grid undulating back of a chair

▼修行者休息的卧榻 ,Buddhist’s rest bed

▼榫卯构建连接方式,Tenon structure connection



Location: Shijingshan Ba da chu road,Beijing, China
Landscape Area: 1500 square metre
Completion Year: 2017.4
Design company: Beijing Beilin Landscape Architecture institute co., LTD.

Design gourp: Lu Zhang, Shudi Zhao, Yeyin Yang, FeiXiang,Zhipeng Li,Jingshan Zhu,Yapei Ma.
Photo credit: Dan Jiang, Lu Zhang, Shudi Zhao

More:Beijing Beilin Landscape Architecture institute,更多关于他们:Beijing Beilin Landscape Architecture institute on gooood.

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