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Located in Shanghai Jing An Kerry Centre, Heytea stands as the first F&B along the leisure street between the mall’s south-north connection, covered with a double height curtain wall and outdoor seating area along the sidewalk.

▼店面外观,external view of the shop


Stimulation of Urban Interface and the Interior


The former shop window facade system is replaced by an open and interactive interface that blurs inner and outer space. Sliding doors, double-sided seating, along with a recessed quick-resting place on themain facade, each part of the facade is made to maximizespace utility, which also enrichesstreetscape activity and brand influence.

▼开放的沿街面,open and interactive interface

▼店外设置露天坐席,outdoor seats

▼室内外坐席的互动,interaction between the interior and outdoor seats

▼座椅细部,details of the seats


Behavior guidance and Circulation


▼由店外至店内设置引导顾客排队的倚靠装置,installations to lead customers into the shop


It is all designed for queue. Following the outdoor installation guides, customers join the queue until they turn into the shop and stop at the HEYTEA characters engraved one-meter line before the bar. The half-height installations are there for quick rest during the long queue line. After ordering, one can always hang around amongst those soft leaning installations or pick another window seat, choose a comfortable sofa or simply join the outdoor picnictables while waiting for the drinks get prepared. Circulation of customers and delivery are clearly separated to increase capacity. Leaning installations, self-packing station, magazine rack and wall stories help to distract and disperse the massive crowd, thus reduce the congestion and faster evacuation.

▼从店内看向店外,空间开放,open view to the outdoor space

▼分开的点单、取餐、和等候区,分散顾客,避免拥堵,separated counter, take-out area and resting area help to split the costumers


Exploring Zen

设计在多种不同层面上探索禅意。禅是关于开悟见性的,一系列有启示感的场景和氛围以设计的语言呈现于整个店铺中,意在引发悟见。二层幕墙立面的设计受日本摄影师HIROSHI SUGIMOTO作品Seascapes的启示,门头均质柔和的背投光透过金属网板和雾面树脂,渲染出“海天一色”的静谧和神秘。店铺中不同质感的材料拼就的大面积浅灰色与局部高纯度荧光色的对比象征顿悟。橙色弥漫的发光面与上升梯段的组合延续到户外,沿街立面上一大一小的梯段构成水中“平远的”小岛,成为令人遐想的空间谜点。墙面上亦引用了禅宗从谂祖师“吃茶去”的段子,以期带来“茶”以外的玩味空间。

▼富有禅意的空间设置和颜色搭配,space design and color palette provide a feeling of Zen

The concept of Zen is explored from various perspectives. Zen is about Satori (the experience of awakening, enlightenment) and Kensho (seeing on’s true nature). A series enlightening scenarios and atmosphere are experimented all over the space as inspirations for Satori and Kensho. Inspired by Japanese photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto’s Seascape, the shop front facade is designed to recall mysteries seascapes that melts into the sky, by rendered lighting through matte resin and perforated metal panels. Grey, as the major proportion color, is collaged with different materials. High saturation colors scattered in the space, contrast of which symbolizes sudden enlightenment. The combination of diffusing orange surface and stairs extends to the exterior. A pair of stairways, in big and small sizes, compose themselves like islands-in-water in perspective, creating an inspiring spatial enigma. An interesting story Go for Tea of Chan master Congshen is also quoted on the wall as plus of enjoyable reading experiences.

▼渐变的透光立面细部,details of the back-lighting facade in gradation



照明顾问: 魏伟
品牌:盖珂雾面树脂板,HAY Palissade 户外家具,PARALLEL FIDIVI Trevira CS 布料

Project Name: HEYTEA Jing An Kerry Centre
Design: Nota Architects
Contact E-mail:vinfo@notaarchitects.com
Design & Completion Year: 2018
Lead Architects: QIAN Shiyun
Design Team: GAO Xiang, XU Sheng, XUE Jun
Project Location: N1 Jing An Kerry Centre, No.1238,Middle Yan An Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai
Gross Built Area: 110㎡
Photo Credits: Da Jun,QIAN Shiyun , Nota Architects
Lighting Consultant: WEI Wei
Landscape Design: Nota Architects
Construction: Chengyi Construction,WANG Liangxing team
Clients: Heytea
Brands: GAINKER Arctic mist Resin, HAY Palissade Outdoor Furniture, PARALLEL FIDIVI Trevira CS Fabric

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