A 1980s flat by Puddle

concrete blends with traditional Japanese style

Project Specs


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The flat was built 35 years ago in Japanese style with Tatami rooms. It had a low suspended ceiling concealing the beams and services. The ceiling was removed to reveal the beams, still in excellent condition and this also provided a greater height above the sliding doors. The concrete walls were also exposed and provided a good hardwearing surface suitable for family life.At the centre of the flat is a multi-functional space consisting of a six Tatami-mat room, with a Tokonoma alcove and a small storage space. The owner wanted this to be the main reception room, as it is quite close the entrance. It can be used to entertain formal guests, for serving tea and meals, and also as a bedroom for visiting relatives or friends. Two beams run across the room and this combination of plain concrete walls and traditional Tatami mats provides a pleasant contrast of old and new. A Tatami room is also an ideal space for meditation.

▼室内起居空间一览,the exterior of the building after renovation


The flat is on the 8th floor and has a fine view. The open kitchen, dining room and living room have large windows and face south, so the lady of the house, who spends the most of her time at home, can enjoy this large area, with its warm sunlight and veranda. The contrast of the custom-made Silestone kitchen counter and the plain concrete wall is refreshingly modern, and the L-shaped pink-grey sofa – an original Puddle design – provides a warm corner area.

▼朝南的大窗户连通了寓所中开放式的厨房、餐厅和起居室,large windows and face south connecting with the open kitchen, dining room and living room

赛丽石厨房台面和普通混凝土墙相结合使用,这样的对比让人产生耳目一新的感觉,the contrast of the custom-made Silestone kitchen counter and the plain concrete wall is refreshingly modern

▼餐厅旁是以混凝土作为墙体饰面的榻榻米房间,next to the dinning room is a tatami room with concrete as a wall finish

▼两条混凝土横梁穿过房间,two beams run across the room

▼六叠的榻榻米多功能空间内部,interior of six tatami room


▼外露的混凝土墙与日式风格相搭配,exposed concrete wall matches Japanese style

▼玻璃陈列柜沿着通往起居室和卧室的走廊布置,用于展示家庭成员的照片和有纪念意义的物品,glass showcases which are used to display family photographs and memorable objects

The long north-facing bedroom is symmetrical and has two doors. This will make it possible to divide the room into two when the children are older and need a space of their   own.The entire flat is well provided with storage spaces. To the east of the Tatami-room is a walk-in closet, opening to the bedroom.Along the corridors leading to the living room and to the bedroom, there are glass showcases, which are used to display family photographs and memorable objects, instead of cluttering up the living room with decorative cabinets.The exposed concrete walls are a practical modern finish. They are fine examples of skilled Japanese workmanship and show something of the history of the flat.

▼卫生间,the bathroom

▼平面图,the plan

Client: K
Type: Design
Location: Kawasaki,Kanagawa
Floor space: 90m2
Completion: January, 2018
Designer: Masaki Kato, Aki Hiraoka
Photo: Kenta Hasegawa

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