Royan house by A6A

the building that interact with the sun

Project Specs


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“建造是为了创造庇护感,抬高墙壁是为了创造保护感,而覆盖屋顶是为了创造荫蔽感。”Pierre Lajus说。该项目是一栋独立式住宅,其位于鲁瓦扬地区,这个地区标志着20世纪50年代现代主义的到来,本身就代表着一场建筑实践。在这个背景下,设计师并未屈从于某种特定的美学教条,而是利用这个背景更好地理解场地所表达的含义。对于设计师而言,这一过程不仅仅是设计建筑外立面这样实际的工作,而是将大智慧融入到设计中,以更加灵活的方式进行设计。

▼建筑外览, view of the exterior

“To build is to shelter. Raising walls to protect, and put a roof over, make shade.” Pierre Lajus.Building a detached house nowadays, and particularly in the Royan region, a territory marked by the arrival of the modern movement during the 1950s, represents an architectural exercise in its own right.The interest is not to bend to an aesthetic or a dogma, but rather to take advantage of this opportunity to better understand its vocabulary and codes. They go well beyond a façade work, and very often push the drawing towards a great intelligence in plan and a strong flexibility in the ways of appropriating it.

▼两层建筑采用灰白两色的构成简洁的外墙, the two-storey building is made of gray and white to form a simple exterior wall.


▼运用Palazuelo(西班牙艺术家)的雕刻方式创造出一种可调整光线效果的建筑, an architecture that opens with measure, controlling the light, in the ways of Palazuelo’s engravings

▼房屋的二层露台入口,terrace entrance of the house  on the second floor

▼在露台上可俯瞰整个庭院,overlooking the entire courtyard from the terrace

▼从室外看一楼的主卧空间, the view of the main bedroom space on the first floor from the outside

The idea is to build a two-speed house. First, a place for the couple, whose activity will be gathered on the ground floor. Then, when the family is complete, the floor and its terrace offer the necessary surfaces to accommodate children and grandchildren.We wanted to work an architecture that opens with measure, controlling the light, in the ways of Palazuelo’s engravings, where the black (the shade) is torn to occasionally let the white (the light) pass through.

▼阳光满溢的住宅一层入口, sun-filled residential entrance


▼白色墙壁搭配灰色混凝土地面, white wall with grey concrete floor

▼裸露的混凝土柱子, bare concrete pillar

▼客厅中的壁炉,fireplace in the living room

▼木质隔墙后的厨房区域,kitchen area behind wooden partition

▼厨房可观赏户外景色,kitchen with outdoor views

From this desire comes a frank project, heavy. Surrounded by notions as stereotomy, thickness and gravity. The concrete block is coated with white, to catch this light from the ocean, and only the floor and rooftop elements appear in its true raw nature. This gray concrete marks two broad, horizontal lines, anchoring the building further in the ground. A house where you feel sheltered.

▼混凝土和木质材料相搭配的楼梯, staircase with concrete and wooden materials

▼采光良好的二楼过道区域, well-lit second floor aisle area

▼轴测图,the axon

▼一层平面图,the 1st floor plan

▼二层平面图,the 2nd floor plan

▼立面图,the elevation



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