Krameracker Primary School by Boltshauser Architekten

Sustainable concrete frame structure

Nanjing Back To Yaxi Manor Resort by YuQiang & Partners

Nature’s Journey to the Heart

Old in the deep alley by Shanghai Shanxiang Architectural Design Company

A comprehensive space in urban wabi-sabi style

NOT A HOTEL Setouchi by BIG

BIG creates an island destination away from the hustle and bustle in Seto, Japan

Kindergarten In The Churchyard by Archikon Architects

The close and loving relationship between the congregation and the kindergarten

Weishan Chongzheng Academy Bookstore of Librairie Avant-Garde by Trace Architecture Office

(Only in Chinese) Floating book gallery and Pavilion within the Pavilion

Fulton Business Luxury Hotel by Blending Dots

“That quaint and cozy little hotel in the corner”

STAN by Dubrovska Studio

Generous, unassuming female strength

Skatepark Reporyje by U / U studio

Considerate park in the heart of city

FORT & PORT by Heesoo Kwak

Synography in landscape

White Is Good Shop by designRESERVE

Filters natural light in the daytime and glows at night.

TEC ENERGY by David Dworkind

Timeless and elegant

“SHIZIKOU” Relics Protection and Extension by Lacime Architectural Design

”Space Sundial”

Aranya Sanya by WTD GROUP

An experiment in the restoration of mountain nature

Chengdu Mixc Public Plaza Renovation by FLO


OFFICE FACT NO.39 – URBANUS Beijing Office·Wang Hui

Focus on space justice and improve social reality

Ngói space by H&P Architects

Recycling of recovered tiles

2ray by zyme studios

Subtle composition