9th Avenue Parkade + Innovation Centre by 5468796 Architecture and Kasian Architecture

Evolution over time

Santiago Carbonell Foundation Museum by Miguel Concha Arquitectura

To mix robust historical elements with light structures

Overseas NO.110: Jinyu Zhang

The No.110 episode features Jinyu Zhang who graduated from Politecnico di Milano, and is now working for KPF New York

1930s house rehabilitation, France by nara.

Creating crossing views framed towards the horizon

Echo of the Sea, Shandong, China by Tongyi Architects

A small sand dune merging into the beach

Minneapolis Public Service Building by Henning Larsen

Civic building with transparency and openness

FLUGT – Refugee Museum of Denmark by BIG

Offering a new perspective on the refugee experience

Enhancement of the Cordova Watchtower by Antonio Raso + Alejandro B. Galán + César Egea

Precise repair, minimal intervention

Oike Clinic Ladies Plaza, Kyoto by Koyori Architects

To make the face-on nature of the space more ambiguous

Tamkang Church, Taiwan, China by Behet Bondzio Lin Architekten

Church enclosed by thick walls

Clinica Alejandria by ERRE arquitectura

A place where silence can be breathed, and beauty can be felt

Get-project information

(Only in Chinese) New projects looking for designers.

Zvonarka Central Bus Terminal by CHYBIK + KRISTOF

Preserving brutalist architectural heritage and advocating positive social change

HOMURA TEPPANYAKI, China by Pure’s Design

There is no mountain, no water, but wind

Hony Tower Landscape Design, Shenzhen by ASPECT Studios

To create a biophilic urban retreat at the heart of Qianhai District of Shenzhen

Taichung Flower Expo Tourist Center, China by Fieldevo Design Studio + Lin Bo Yang Architects

Ripple Greenhouse in the Forest

Scenic Rockery, China by Napp Studio

Translating nature into a field of artificial flowers

Biotope – Métropole Européenne de Lille by Henning Larsen

French Biotope Project Promotes Wellness Through Green Space