gooood archive: Sustainable design for daily life

A reflection during the epidemic in Wuhan: the poetry of sustainable living

Pierre Veilletet Library in Bordeaux Caudéran by atelier d’architecture King Kong

Connecting the urban square and the public garden

Questionnaire: the content you expect to see on gooood

(Only in Chinese) Share your ideas to participate in our series making

gooood archive: Sustainable green architecture

A reflection during the epidemic in Wuhan: stepping into a more sustainable future

The Ark by NAPUR Architect

The magic box by the Danube

Genesis lobby installations, Beijing by Crossboundaries

Connecting space with people

Hangzhou Shengli Elementary School New City Campus and Kindergartens Affiliated, China by UAD

An Urban Education Complex that Extends Beyond the Class

gooood archive: Renovation of Large-scale Public Buildings

(Only in Chinese) Give large-scale public buildings a new life through renovation. Selected projects of public building renovation

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        AdH House by Francesc Rifé Studio

        The quiet and peace living area breaking the tradition

        The façade renovation of Fenglin Road Street Community Cultural Activity Center, Shanghai, China by Wutopia Lab

        Infinite transparent smile

        University Hospital Jena,Germany by Rehwaldt Landscape Architects

        Ecological health care

        Hikone House by HEARTH ARCHITECTS

        A house with gardens on both sides

        Development of Office Space

        (Only in Chinese) Look into the evolution of office space, a more flexible way of working could be expected

        Minsheng Ferry Station, Shanghai, China by Atelier Liu Yuyang Architects

        Constructed ground

        #7, Southlands by SquareWorks LLP Design

        Retrofitting a 80-year-old Art-Deco apartment to meet contemporary demands

        Maisonette in Notting Hill, London by Francesco Pierazzi Architects

        Comparison between different materials

        Lima House by Studio Mk27

        The overlapping boxes

        Research under the epidemic of COVID-19 in Wuhan: Disease and Quarantine in the history

        (Only in Chinese) Review quarantine strategies in the history and find a way to avoid large-scale isolation