BBC Studios Pavilion by Giles Miller Studio

Environment friendly and dynamic

每周评论精选2019.11.09 – 2019.11.15

(Only in Chinese) selected comments of the last week to present different perspective.

gooood archive: Japan(2017-2019)

Selected projects in Japan

Single Family House Renovation Montcada By Hiha Studio

A small yet interesting residence

Aman Kyoto by Kerry Hill Architects

A secret garden sanctuary

(北京)这方建筑 Zephyr Architects – 建筑师 / 助理建筑师 / 平面设计师 / 实习生


Haibing Center of Nankai University, China by Vector Architects

To further stimulate a positive and high quality modern campus lifestyle in a way that respects the natural environment while retaining the texture of the old campus

5 Science Park Drive by Serie Architects + Multiply Architects

The alternating ‘accordion’ facade and ‘city room’

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        Huateng Headquarters, China by Leeko Studio

        Creating an Inner Garden

        Enfants Riches Déprimés Flagship by Didier Faustino

        Cold sense of future

        gooood archive: Spain(2017-2019)

        Selected projects in Spain

        Infinity by StudioXAG

        Recycled, reimagined and reborn

        Suzhou No.2 Library, China by gmp

        The first library in China with an intelligent storage system

        Plywood House by Feina Studio

        A colorful world of plywood

        Museum Of The South China Sea by Architectural Design Research Institute of SCUT

        A magic temple on the sea

        2019 ASLA ANALYSIS AND PLANNING AWARD OF EXCELLENCE:TOcore: Downtown Parks and Public Realm Plan

        Re-imagining the public realm to enhance quality of life within a rapidly intensifying urban core

        Parking Building IMEC / KUL, LEUVEN by Stéphane Beel Architects

        Ramps create a dynamic facade

        gooood archive:Furniture

        Selected Furniture projects