Aarhus Harbor Bath by BIG

To enjoy the water in all seasons

Hi, Mis Rong, China by Guangdong Infinity Mind Architecture Design

Brightly Colored Hot Pot Snack Restaurant

RUMORS – New Bund Store in Shanghai, China by NARMAL DESIGN

Cafe of friend and family

Together · Wecash Box Hostel Chengdu, China by VARY DESIGN

To change the guest’s behavior by breaking the traditional way of communication

Chao Hotel Beijing in a New Cloak, China by gmp

Play of Light and Shadow

Get-project information

(Only in Chinese) New projects looking for designers.

”Origin of Maotai Liquor” cultural tourism experiencing area, China by Huiting Architects & Engineers x Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

Practice of Human Settlement Design in a Mountainous Town

“The Ship” by Strombro Building Workshop

Celebrating the 80’s – 90’s sci-fi aesthetics

Delfland Water Authority by Mecanoo Architecten

a fragmentary complex into a cohesive whole

Huawei Wuhan Research & Development Center, China by ennead

Highly forward-looking technology base

CFLD innovation center, China by Auna design

Starlight in the city

Summer Residence in Pyrgos by Kapsimalis Architects

A monolithic rock facing the Aegean sea

Dalsland cabin 2.0 by Jimbrunnestom

Small and warm snow house

Crystal Jade, China by Young H Design

Fragments of the old Shanghai story

ill. Design Project by IED Innovation Lab

A design playground

Maike Group Office Interior Design, China by HONSHAN Designworks (Xi’an)Co.,Ltd

The philosophy of geometry and colour

Working space – Shanghai Penta Innovation & Entrepreneurship Institute, China by YLA

Break to Establish

Cloud Paradise Park, China by Z + T STUDIO

Fun and Educational Water Theme Park