9 VAULT HOUSE by José María Sánchez García

Two T-beams with six groin vaults

Project Specs


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项目坐落于西班牙巴达霍斯省Villanueva de la Serena,建筑师José María Sánchez García根据业主对住宅功能的需求改造了室内的结构顺序,为室内创造出新的空间与功能。

The project inverts this structural order due to the functional requirements, allowing a new spatial and programmatic arrangement.

▼项目概览,overall of the project © Roland Halbe


▼分析图,diagram © José María Sánchez García

Two T-beams relieve the space of the need for intermediate supports, permitting the creation of a new open plan ground floor. The combination of brick arches and concrete beams generates a spatial grid of successive beams and vaults that span a highly complex space. Functional logic dictates the maintenance of the division of the first two rooms —garage and guest room— on the street side.

▼客厅顶部的十字交叉梁,Two crossed T-beams of the living room © Roland Halbe

The strong supporting structure frees up the ground floor © Roland Halbe

The living room opens to the outdoor garden © Roland Halbe

detail of the staircase in the living room © Roland Halbe


vault on the ceiling with continuous plane space © Roland Halbe

these vaulted ceilings create partitions within it © Roland Halbe

The living room becomes a diaphanous space that opens horizontally onto the interior garden, protected vertically by the structural cross and the six groin vaults. While the floor plan generates a continuous space, these vaulted ceilings create partitions within it.

viewing the living room from the entrance © Roland Halbe

▼区位图,site plan © José María Sánchez García

ground floor plan © José María Sánchez García

upper floor plan © José María Sánchez García

section © José María Sánchez García

Architect: José María Sánchez García
Location: Villanueva de la Serena, Badajoz, Spain.
Year: 2021
Collaborators: Mariló Sánchez, Javier Fernández, Ignacio Hornillos, Sofía Romeo, Cristina Lorenzo, Adrián Paterna
Structure: Juan Pedro Cortés
Mep engineering: Enrique García-Margallo (ARO Consultores)

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更多关于他们请至:José María Sánchez García on gooood


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