45 Degrees by J.C. Architecture

It is the interior, and it is the exterior. It can be a feast, and it can be experimental

Project Specs


感谢 柏成设计 对gooood的分享。
Appreciation towards J.C. Architecture for providing the following description:


45度 | 45 Degrees

位于台北市中心巷弄内的A Table,是一处实验性的私人厨房以及酒吧,在近正方复层老屋框架下注入了全新的机能与能量。以六米实木桌作为空间主轴,随着桌心45度角度倾斜,置放。

▼项目概览,project overview ©李国民

Located at an alley in the heart of Taipei City, A Table is an innovative private kitchen and bar that incorporates new functions and energy into the design. With the six-meter long solid wood table as the heart of the design, the spaces are placed and aligned at a 45 degree angle to the center of the table, forming the front yard, backyard, kitchen, sofa area, and other spaces.

▼轴测图,axon ©柏成设计


现代缘侧 | Veranda


▼街道视角,view from the street ©李国民

▼入口退缩形成前院,the entrance is setback to form a front yard ©李国民

All spaces are arranged at 45-degree angles to create a triangular space. Inspired by the veranda of a traditional Japanese style living space, the entrance is setback to form a front yard that creates a transitional point between the street and building, increasing the privacy. The thin metal grid façade along the building becomes a playful division. Following along the concrete steps, you see the shadows of the trees gently cast on the ground, with a golden arrow embedded in the ground pointing towards the entrance. Behind the brewed heavy wooden door lies a surprise ready to be discovered.

▼立面细铁网是暧昧的分界,the thin metal grid façade along the building becomes a playful division ©李国民


裸食 | Dining


The highlight of the dining experience lies within the central hard wood table that extends a person’s vision from the front yard to the end where a tree is planted beneath the skylight. The dining area and the space above are also arranged at an angle, formulating the double-height seating area on the right-hand side.

▼用餐区,dining area ©李国民

▼挑空的沙发区,the double-height seating area ©李国民

▼天光与绿意,the skylight and greenery ©李国民

▼天窗细节,skylight ©李国民

▼通往二层的楼梯,stairs leading to the upper floor ©李国民


本质 | Essence


The foundation of the bar is pure black, acting as a platform to showcase the different types of drinks. Stainless steel encompasses the kitchen and washroom, responding to and reflecting its surrounding greenery. The seating area is composed of concrete walls, a suspended circular light, and a fluted glass window that playfully absorb the streetlights, bringing in a raw and refreshing outdoor atmosphere.

▼吧台和厨房区域,bar and kitchen area ©李国民

▼走廊,corridor ©李国民

▼不锈钢包覆厕所后台,stainless steel encompasses the washroom ©李国民

▼沙发区搭配水泥墙色和几何图形的圆形吊灯,the seating area is composed of concrete walls and a suspended circular light ©李国民


呼应 | Coordination

二楼回归正方体的向度,俯瞰一楼的活动,如地面浮起的黑色磨石子踏阶带领人前往二楼的vip室,房内大量的落地窗,两个不同向度的盒体,又再一次的将一楼A Table串联。

The second level returns to a rectangular form, overlooking the activities below. Dark stone steps, as if floating, guides the person up to the VIP room. Through the implementation of window walls, the VIP room that is physically separated differs from the space below is once again connected to the first level of A Table.

▼从二楼俯瞰一楼,overlook from the second level ©李国民

可正式也可轻松,是室内也是室外,是飨宴也是实验,请享受A Table隔一墙一线即变化的多重感官体验。

It can be formal, and it can be casual. It is the interior, and it is the exterior. It can be a feast, and it can be experimental. Enjoy the unique experience of crossing from one space to the next at A Table.

▼设计在近正方复层老屋框架下注入了全新的机能与能量,the design incorporates new functions and energy into the design ©李国民

设计案 Project: 45 Degrees
业主 Client: A TABLE
主设计师 Lead Designer: 邱柏文 Johnny Chiu / 王菱檥Nora Wang / 孙懋玮 Sunny Sun
助理设计师 Designers: Ildar Gatin
面积大小 Built area: 1F : 113 m2 (34.2坪) / 2F : 46.3 m2 (14坪)
开始时间 Start date: 2018 August
完工日期 Finish date: 2018 December
空间摄影师 Photographer: Kuomin Lee 李国民
地面 Floor: 水泥 Concrete
天花板 Ceiling:
墙面 Wall: 细铁网 Mesh, 水泥粉光 Concrete


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