1903 Apartment by Kilo/Honč

Reconstruction in Trnava is about simplicity, geometry, and the experience of space.

Project Specs


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We told ourselves, that we’re going to let the space stand out and work just with it. We want these huge open volumes, because it’s all about having that airy space. About seeing from one side of the apartment to another. About feeling of openness and simplicity and about finding space for our individualities, experiences and joys. We need to think of what exactly do we need in our lives. Maybe just a little more than nothing.

▼室内概览,preview © Matej Hakár


Reconstruction in Trnava is about that. About simplicity, geometry, the experience of space, where furniture is more a scene and a symbolic narrative. It’s about the apartment itself, people, love, long evenings, discussions, about food, children, feelings, about you.

▼起居室,living room © Matej Hakár

▼储物墙隐藏在窗帘后,the storage wall hidden behind the curtains © Matej Hakár

▼投影墙,movie projection © Matej Hakár

▼从起居室望向餐厅,view towards the dining area from the living room © Matej Hakár


The spaces of the apartment are defined very simply with the transparent partitions with curtains, which allow you to perceive and enjoy the whole depth of the space, but at the same time provide enough intimacy if desired.The furniture defines just what is most essential and necessary. Our intention was to create atmospheres rather than strictly predefined spaces.

▼从起居室望向卧室,view towards the bedroom from the living room © Matej Hakár

▼透明隔段,the transparent partitions © Matej Hakár

▼卧室内部,bedroom © Matej Hakár


▼轴测图,axon © Kilo / Honč

The apartment is entered from a private courtyard serving the occupants of the house. You will be welcomed by a large dining room with a kitchen located on the site of a former storage room, which slightly extends into the dining room. On the left you can enter a children’s room through an old door embedded in a transparent partition. On the right you see a long transparent partition defining the bathroom, then continuing to the second wing of the apartment, in which it divides the bedroom from a large living room with a grand piano, interior garden, movie projection and oven. We like the spatial depth we created in the apartment. We like the opportunity to see through more spatial layers. In the part of the apartment with a living room, we managed to uncover the original wooden beamed ceiling, over which, in addition, steel reinforcements pass.

▼从入口望向餐厅,view to the dining room from the entrance © Matej Hakár

▼餐厅,dining room © Matej Hakár

▼餐厅的一侧可以看见浴室,the  long transparent partition defining the bathroom © Matej Hakár

▼室内细节,interior detailed view © Matej Hakár

▼餐厅另一侧是儿童房,the children’s room on the other side of the dining room © Matej Hakár

▼厨房,kitchen © Matej Hakár

▼从厨房望向餐厅,view to the dining room from the kitchen © Matej Hakár


A flexible and open home for a young family in a house almost 120 years old.

▼走廊,corridor © Matej Hakár

▼浴室,bathroom © Matej Hakár

▼入口玄关,entrance area © Matej Hakár

▼平面图,plan © Kilo / Honč

▼原始平面,previous state © Kilo / Honč

Main Information
Project Name: 1903
Office Name: Kilo / Honč
Office Website: https://www.kilohonc.com
Social Media Accounts:
Contact email: honc@kilohonc.com
Firm Location: Bratislava, Slovakia

Completion Year: 2021
Gross Built Area (m2/ ft2): 119,5 sqm
Project location: Trnava, Slovakia
Program: Apartment for young family

Lead Architects: Mgr. art. Richard Kilo, Ing. arch. Matej Honč
Lead Architects e-mail: honc@kilohonc.com
Photo Credits: Matej Hakár
Photographer’s Website: http://matejhakar.com
Photographer’s e-mail: info@matejhakar.com


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