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“Staying curious is the best antioxidant” ——Joy Season


105 Cafe是继VSmooth Cafe之后,锦莳设计在上海的又一个咖啡空间设计实践。经过数月筹备,终于在盛夏之前,打开了这个魔盒。105 Café不拘一格的设计源自于这个命名胆大包天又饶有趣味的品牌本身。于是,像在这熙攘市井的街道上打了个趣,俏皮地开始了自己的演出。

105 Cafe is Joy Season’s another design practice in cafe space in Shanghai, coming after VSmooth Cafe. With several months of preparation, this magic box was eventually opened, before the midsummer. The eclectic design in 105 Cafe is derived from its daring and interesting name. Therefore, like bantering on the street in this bustling city, it started its own show playfully.

▼咖啡厅街景外观,street exterior view of the cafe


鲜明的对仗序幕 | A Prelude of Antithesis


▼入口设计概念图,concept of the entrance

Walking close from the street, you will see two red balls, one on top and one on bottom, which seem to go to the sky and earth, rising the curtain with power and tension. Two arches are placed at the entry. One is flipped and overlapping the other one, with the purple mirror metal base——neat, charming, and unique. The saturated red balls are located at the end of arches, seemingly high-speed spinning, chasing each other. One is inside and one is outside, reflecting one another, keeping a dynamic balance. Mysterious purple and bright scarlet, this contrast adopted by Joy Season, makes up a dramatic conflict, stretches from the old building, and attracts those curious souls.

▼咖啡厅街景外观,入口由互为倒装、上下交错的两个拱门构成,紫色镜面金属打底,红色圆球收在拱门的尽头,street exterior view of the cafe with two arches placed at the entry, one is flipped and overlapping the other one with the purple mirror metal base, and the red balls are located at the end of arches


渐进的红色叙事 | Progressive Red Narrative

如果这个世界上有长生不老的灵丹妙药,那么,永远跳跃的热情肯定是其中一味极其重要的配方。在锦莳设计看来,105 Café 就是这样一处饱含热情的场所,这热情并不是出于客套,而是源自于主理人洒脱直接的性格。而如果这热情是一种颜色,我想,一定是红色。

If there is a panacea in the world, then the stirring and arousing enthusiasm is definitely one of the most important ingredients. In the view of Joy Season, 105 Café is such a place full of enthusiasm, and this enthusiasm is not for complimenting, but from the free and easy personality of the owner. If you want to assign one color to this enthusiasm, I believe it must be red.

▼咖啡厅室内概览,采用红色作为主色调,overview of the interior space of the cafe in the red palette

店内借着原有房屋结构,分为上下两层。从底层进入,墙面颜色由入口处的白色一路延伸,过渡到尽端的深红。由最深处的深红,到最外侧的纯白,这个过程好像不断的把阳光揉进来,让红色不至于太过厚重甚至沸腾。红色的基因还以交错的鳞片形式延续到了天花板,交错折叠的红色镜面金属圆片打破了屋顶原本的沉闷和压抑。台面上的操作、灯光、走动的顾客都被倒影在其中。锦莳设计把这一系列的红色组合在一起,构成一幅欢愉饱满而绝不冷淡的画面。看过电影《海鸥食堂》的人会知道,想要把咖啡煮好喝是需要一个咒语的。轻松的状态和爽朗的笑声,这些也许就是105 Café独有的魔咒。

The store is divided into upper and lower floors by the original structure. Entering from the ground floor, the color of the wall extends from the white at the entrance to the scarlet at the end. From the deepest red to the outermost white, this process seems to be tinted gradiently by the sun, so that the red is not too bold or even boiling. The red genes continue to the ceiling in staggered scales, and the overlapped red mirror metal discs break the dullness and depression of the roof. The operation on the counter, lighting, and walking customers are reflected in those discs. Joy Season combines this series of reds to create a picture that is full of joy not coldness. Those who have watched the movie “Kamome Diner” will know that it takes a spell to cook coffee. Relaxed state and hearty laughter, this may be the unique spell of 105 Café.

▼从咖啡厅一层的尽头向外看,天花板上的红色鳞片和红色渐变金属球倒映在台面上,viewing outside from the end of the first floor, the red mirror metal discs and red gradient metal balls are reflected on the counter

▼咖啡厅吧台局部,红色的基因以交错的鳞片形式延续到了天花板,partial interior view of the cafe bar, the red genes continue to the ceiling in staggered scales

▼咖啡厅室内空间局部,交错折叠的红色镜面金属圆片打破了屋顶原本的沉闷和压抑,partial interior view of the cafe, the overlapped red mirror metal discs break the dullness and depression of the roof

▼咖啡厅天花板上的红色鳞片细节,details of the red mirror metal discs on the ceiling


BOX OF JOY | Box of Joy


Going to the end along the bar, there is a group of red gradient metal balls hanging down from the second floor. The handrails of the stairs form like a gift box, and the balls are distributed from top to bottom, with a total of ten layers. From white to scarlet, this is another dimension of color gradation.

▼一层空间尽头的楼梯空间,一组红色渐变金属球从二楼垂吊下来,the stairs space at the end of first floor, a group of red gradient metal balls hang down from the second floor

▼一层楼梯空间局部,垂吊的金属球层层叠叠,the stairs space at the end of first floor, the hanging red metal balls have a total of ten layers

▼一层楼梯空间局部,垂吊的金属球在红色墙壁上投下阴影,the stairs space at the end of first floor, the hanging red metal balls project their shadows on the red walls

沿着楼梯拾级而上,行进的路径会围绕着这个独特的box推进。串起的彩球赋形了联通上下两层世界的引力场。由下往上,绛红到粉白;自上而下,粉白到绛红。建成以后的一天,我回到了现场,从一楼向上看,深颜色的彩球像是从盒子中落下;站在二楼向下看,浅粉色的彩球像是从盒子中升腾而出。于是,便命名为“BOX OF JOY”吧。

Step up the stairs and the path will travel around this unique box. The stringed balls shape the gravitational field connecting between the worlds above and below. From bottom to top, scarlet to white; from top to bottom, white to scarlet. One day after completion, I returned to the site. Looking up from the first floor, the dark red balls seemed to fall from the box; standing on the second floor, the light pink balls were billowing out from the box. Okay, let’s name it “BOX OF JOY”.

▼咖啡厅二层的楼梯空间,楼梯的扶手围合成一个礼盒,贯穿的球体由上至下,the stairs space on the second floor, the handrails of the stairs form like a gift box and the balls are distributed from top to bottom

▼咖啡厅二层的楼梯空间局部,站在二楼向下看,浅粉色的彩球像是从盒子中升腾而出,partial view of the stairs space on the second floor, standing on the second floor, the light pink balls are billowing out from the box

有的人写清新明快的诗歌,有的人写激烈抓马的戏剧,有的人客观写实的记录… …正是在这多样的角度中,世界变得立体而生动,也便真正的深刻。不是为了不同而不同,一如不是为了相同而相同,只是选择给出了自己听得最真切的那个答案。It’s possible to be different and still ALRIGHT。锦莳设计一直致力于提供标准参考之外的答案,不管是跳跃热情的105 Café还是用四千多个亚克力球组成像素森林的VSmooth Café,这些“非标”答案是我们在司空见惯处、习以为常时给出的一点惊喜。

Some people write refreshing and euphoric poems, some people write dramatic and fierce scripts, and some people record objectively and realistically. It is in this diverse perspectives that the world becomes multi-dimensional and vivid, then truly profound and meanungful. Never make a difference for the sake of distinguishing, as if never be the same for the sake of uniformity. Just choose the sincere answer from the bottom of your heart. It’s possible to be different and still ALRIGHT. Joy Season have always been devoting ourselves to giving answers beyond the standard. Whether in the enthusiastic 105 Café, or in the VSmooth Café that uses more than 4,000 acrylic balls to create a pixel forest, these “non-standard” answers are the surprises we offered in commonplace that everybody gets used to.

▼咖啡厅夜景外观,night view of the cafe

▼平面布置图,layout plan

项目名称:咖啡情景剧,105 Cafe空间设计
客户:105 Café

Project name: 105 Café
Design: JOY SEASON Studio
Design year: 2018.11~2019.01
Completion year: 2019.04
Design team: JOY SEASON Studio
Leading Designer: Hector LEUNG
Design Assitant: Chenghui LIN
Project location: No.209, Jinxian Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai, China
Gross Built Area (square meters): 40㎡
Photo credits: Arteeezzzy
Translator: Chen SUN
Clients: 105 Café
Brands / Products used in the projrct: Mirror Stainless Steel, Gradient Latex Paint, Red Epoxy

More: JOY SEASON Studio (联系邮箱 | contact: hi@heyshion.com)        更多关于:JOY SEASON Studio on gooood.

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