101 Cafe, China by Giovanni Ferrara

A fusion style with southern Italy and South East Asian Countries interiors features combined together

Project Specs


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The project is located in Changsha city,Yuhua district.We intended to create an elegant and welcoming space, introducing a personal western/eastern fusion style, with southern Italy’s masseria and South East Asian Countries interiors features combined together. The design is tailored on the owner personality, a tasteful lady with the hobby of traveling and the love for coffee.

▼咖啡馆外观,exterior view


The original layout is narrow and mostly developed in length, with a considerably lack of natural illumination on the bottom area. This was a challenge when it came to arrange the space properly. We decided to locate a living room on the bottom of the plot, in the darkest area. We introduced plenty of pendant lamps, dropping from a square bamboo ceiling as the space focus point. The result is that we turned the weakest point of the plot into the spotlight. That leads customers to sit there and find a comfortable place in the otherwise dead area.

▼吧台区域,bar counter

▼空间结合了意大利南部和东南亚国家的室内装饰特点,the cafe has a fusion style with southern Italy and South East Asian Countries interiors features combined together


▼就座区,seating area


▼中央就座区和包厢区域,central seating area and balconies


The same living room arrangement is displayed from the surface big glass window to the outside. The intent here is to live-stream the “Cafe’ lifestyle” to people passing by. In this part of China where coffee drinking is still considered not a familiar habit, this works as an effective “shopping window”. It both educates people to the Coffee Culture and invites them to walk inside for a cup of Coffee.

▼会客室设置在对外的大玻璃房内,the living room is arranged in a large box with a glazed facade

▼夜景,night view

▼吊顶和灯具细部,detail of the ceiling and lights

▼室内装饰细部,detail of the decoration



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