Info-Pavilion, Germany by Wang Zhengxiao

An object presents the relationship between the space

Project Specs


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信息亭位于整个片区中建筑群与植物园区的交界处,紧邻办公楼、实验楼和温室,场地局促且环境复杂。 1905年的木桁架老房子被部分保留加建为新的办公室,与1970年新建的预制混凝土实验楼通过门厅相连,旁边的钢结构玻璃温室从1945年到2014年分3次建造完成。

Info-Pavilion is located in the junction of buildings and botanic garden area. It is close to office building, laboratory building and greenhouse. The site is narrow, and environment is complex. Some of  the old houses made of wood truss in 1905 were kept and added to new offices, which is connected with precast concrete laboratory buildings that was newly-built in 1970. The lateral steel structured greenhouse was constructed in three times from 1945 to 2014.

▼总平面图, site map

▼相邻的桁架房 、混凝 办公楼以及玻璃温室, wood truss house, concrete laboratory and glass greenhouse


How to produce new spatial experience at the same time of processing and integrating complex context, which has become the core discussed in the program.

▼轴测图 axon

▼平面图 plan

▼照片模型 model


The design tries to abstract the most basic constructive element in the context, and integrate different elements as a whole through alienation. Let the structure display independence in environment at the same time of defining surrounding space.

▼植物园入口处 entrance view


Horizontal base hints the gentle slope of the terrain. One side is parallel with the ground, and the height difference of the other side becomes seat.

▼柱与弯梁在靠近植物园一侧形成开放空间,墙体在另一侧与周围建筑形成小广场, the column and curved beam become open space in the side closing to botanic garden, and the wall forms small square with surrounding buildings on the other side.


▼坡顶与弯梁塑造出的核心空间,以最大程度的开放面向植物园,the core space shaped by slope top and curved beam face botanic garden with the biggest openness.

亭子是由混凝土现浇而成,下部模板为横向木条,上部为矩形木板,the pavilion is poured with concrete. The bottom template is horizontal batten, and the upper template is rectangle board.

▼雨水通过屋面引向一侧沿着墙体流下,混凝土表面会随着时间慢慢改变,渐渐融入环境之中,rainwater is introduced to a side through roofing and flows down along the wall. The concrete surface will be changed gradually as time going by, and melt in environment gradually. 

Location: Schnittspahnstrasse 3, 64287 Darmstadt, Germany
Architect: Zhengxiao Wang
Construction Management: Michael Gehlhaar
Material: Concrete
Building Area: 45㎡
Construction Period: 09.2016 – 07.2017
Photography: Zhang Chi (blackwhite), Wang Zhengxiao (colour), Steffen Kunkel (Modell), Stefan Schneckenburger (aerial)

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