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Making the view nicer

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Zense Gourmet Deck is the first of the 4 new destinations, created by Zen World of Central Retails Corp. The main concept is the 4 elements, Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire.Zense’s design inspiration comes from the Earth theme.

The location of the project is on the roof top of Zen World, which is on the 17th floor. Here, we have one of the best views of Bangkok’s central area.

The project started in 2007. The Interior is designed by DEPARTMENT OF ARCHITECTURE, a Famous Young Thai Architecture Studio. T.R.O.P has been contacted by DEPT to help in landscape design of the exterior area.


The main feature of this place is the unobstructed panoramic view. So our first design move is to make sure that we could even make the view nicer.

The total exterior area is about 900sqm approx. The problem is that client wanted to add as many seats as possible. Also one major concern is that the existing shape of the deck is not rectangular, but rather half oval shape. So we started by creating interesting seating arrangements for each zone of the deck.

In the end, we create some level differences in our main deck, in order to divide the space into several zones, main dining area, private zone, and sky bar.


As agree from the beginning, the main material of the place must be Wood, to represent the earth theme. We select the local wood plank, which is easy to find and can stand the extreme temperature of Bangkok’s summer. The key is to pick a thicker piece, so it will not bend.

TROP’s goal is to create interesting space, using just one material, and also to make it Mute yet Urbane atmosphere.

We want to create special experience for anyone who has a chance to visit the restaurant.


Planting concept

Unlike most high end restaurants, which normally use the most expensive plants available, the plantings for Zense Gourmet Deck are basically the unwanted species.We use local plants, which normally grow at street sides, vacant lots, or dirty canals in Bangkok, in order to recreate the sense of place in this restaurant.

However, we design, arrange and compose those plantings in a more modern way.The result is quite interesting. People always know these plants, but never appreciate the beauty of them. They thought the plants are cheap and dirty. After they saw our design, they have changed their perception of the plants. They start to see them beautiful and cool looking once again.



项目由2007年开始,室内设计由曼谷的DEPARTMENT OF ARCHITECTURE完成。Architecture Studio. T.R.O.P则完成室外的工作。设计要尽可能的利用360度全景。总面积为900平方米左右。同时值得注意的是:客户希望容纳更多的座位,整个露台呈长椭圆形。景观设计师在此基础上进行了有趣的座位排布。利用露台高差,布局餐饮区,贵宾区,还有空中酒吧。







project name: Zense Gourmet Deck and Lounge Panorama
client: Central Retails Corp., Zen Department Store
location:17th Floor, Zen World, Bangkok, Thailand
area (size):Total 2000sqm, outdoor landscape area 900sqm approx.
design period:construction completion
Jan-Dec 2007: Jan 2009
Budget:300,000 US$ Approx.

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