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Batek Architects为ZALANDO美容店打造了别具一格的室内空间,并很快成为了受欢迎的“拍照打卡”地点。

Inspiring, Insta-worthy backdrops reveal themselves moving through this beauty boutique, proudly designed by Batek Architects.

▼美容店室内,the interior space of the beauty boutique


The space is entirely customisable, offering dynamic arrangements for product presentations, pop-up events, beauty services and video shoots. Freely placeable stainless steel cubes are perfect for ad-hoc zoning, curated product showcasing and presentations.

▼可自由摆放的不锈钢立方体,freely placeable stainless steel cubes

长长的展示架是由Smile Plastics公司利用回收塑料瓶制作而成,在展示区中成为了引人注目的亮点。入口的零售区域的中间位置设有一个大尺寸的混凝土制台盆,方便顾客使用。

A long shelf, crafted by Smile Plastics from recycled plastic cups, draws the eye and serves as the showcase highlight. Central to the front retail area is an imposing solid concrete washbasin for customer use.

▼塑料瓶制成的展示架,a long shelf made by recycled plastic cups


Three floor-to-ceiling shelves made from stainless steel divide the shop floor. These pivot, either dividing the area in two with a secluded back area, or opening up the space completely. They are backed with full-length mirrors that visually enlarge the room.

▼三个通高不锈钢展示架,three floor-to-ceiling shelves

▼置物架背面覆盖以全高的镜面,the shelves are backed with full-length mirrors


Drawing the eye to the back of the space is the four-metre long stainless steel beauty service table, with retractable mirrors. Privacy comes from a movable curtain made from light fabric.

▼美容服务区,beauty service table


The low-key, natural colour concept of cream, light beige, nude and grey harmonizes well with the industrial cement-bonded flooring. Together with special, daylight reproducing, high colour index lighting, the space has the virtue of a gallery environment ideal for presenting exquisite beauty products.Suspended accent lights from PSLab create a warm atmosphere throughout.

▼低调而自然的色调, the low-key, natural colour


Client: Zalando Beauty SE
Materials: Concrete, Smart Plastics, Stainless Steel
Team: Karen Kröger, Patrick Batek
Photos: Marcus Wend
Completion: July 2018
Area: 130 sqm
Project size: 130 m2
Completion date: 2018
Building levels: 1
Project team
Light Concept: PSLab
Architecture Design: Batek Architekten

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