Zaha Hadid Gallery Presents a Pop-up Exhibition in New York from November 8th

Developing new materials and technologies, product designs are inter-related at an architectural scale.

Project Specs

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展览地点:520W 28th公寓

Exhibition Time: 2018.11.8~2018.12
Location : 520W 28th


从2018年11月8日起至12月,扎哈·哈迪德画廊将在纽约新艺术空间(514 West 28th Street)举办一个临时展览。展览位于扎哈·哈迪德在曼哈顿设计的520W 28th公寓底层,展厅面积约为185平米,由Related公司开发,与High Line Nine展览空间相连。

▼展览位于520W 28th公寓底层,the exhibition is located on the ground floor of 520W 28th ©Kris Tamburello

From November 8th 2018, the Zaha Hadid Gallery presents a pop-up exhibition in the new space for art at 514 West 28th Street, New York. Located on the ground floor of ZHA’s acclaimed 520 W 28th residential condominium building in Manhattan, this new 2,000 square feet gallery developed by Related Companies and joins their adjacent High Line Nine exhibition space.

Greg Gushee, Related’s executive vice president, explains: “The development of the High Line Nine is part of Related Companies’ ongoing commitment to preserve and enhance the cultural character of West Chelsea, and further expand the art and cultural neighbourhood coming to life at Hudson Yards.”

▼520W 28th公寓 (点击这里查看更多),520W 28th (click HERE to view more) ©Hufton+Crow



▼展览空间一览,overall view of the exhibition ©Kris Tamburello

Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) redefined architecture for the 21st century with a repertoire of projects that have captured imaginations across the globe. Form and space are woven within the structure of buildings that evolve from their surroundings and tie disparate programs together. Enticingly contextual, each project combines an unwavering optimism for the future with concepts of connectivity and integration.

Receiving the highest honours from civic, professional and academic institutions worldwide, ZHA is one of the world’s most consistently inventive architectural studios—and has been for four decades.

These 40 years of research are inscribed within every design. Marrying innovative digital design methods with ecologically sound materials and sustainable construction practices, ZHA does not look at the disparate parts, but works to understand them as a whole to build the aspirations of a new generation.

Zaha Hadid explored formal concepts at all scales: from city masterplans and skyscrapers to furniture pieces, product designs and jewellery. Collaborating with the world’s most renowned furniture-makers and fashion houses, she established Zaha Hadid Design in 2006; each piece inspired by ZHA’s work. Zaha Hadid Design continues this legacy—creating innovative collections informed by ZHA’s architecture and inventive methodologies.

▼展览空间一览,overall view of the exhibition ©Kris Tamburello

这次纽约临时展览展出了扎哈·哈迪德的部分精选作品,包括520W 28th公寓模型以及她的六个主要项目的“银色模型”。这些模型最初是哈迪德为2005年伦敦ROVE画廊举办的“银色绘画”展览制作的,它们如同抽象的雕塑,保留了建筑语言的精华。

Zaha Hadid Gallery’s pop-up exhibition in New York presents a curated selection of works including architectural models of 520 W 28th and a series of six ‘Silver Models’ representing eight key projects. Originally conceived by Hadid for the 2005 ‘Silver Paintings’ exhibition at the ROVE Gallery, London, these abstract sculptural forms retain the essence of the formal language of the buildings.

▼520W 28th公寓模型,model of 520W 28th ©Kris Tamburello

▼银色模型,silver model



“My product designs and architecture have always been connected. Some of our earliest projects were designs for products and interiors. These design pieces are very important to me and my team. They inspire our creativity by providing an opportunity to express our ideas through different scales and through different media; an essential part of our on-going design investigation,” Zaha Hadid explained during her 2006 retrospective exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum, New York.



Several of Zaha Hadid Design’s latest collaborations are showcased within the pop-up. The Striation rug from the new RE/Form collection for Royal Thai celebrates Hadid’s signature use of layering and play with light and shadow; while the AVIA chandeliers for Slamp embody integrating complexity with innovative manufacturing techniques, each comprised of 50 intricately layered elements that create a dynamic play of light.

▼RE/Form条纹地毯,The Striation rug for RE/Form

▼AVIA吊灯,AVIA chandeliers of Slamp

摄影师Hélène Binet从1993年就开始了与扎哈·哈迪德事务所的合作,拍摄了他们的第一个建成项目Vitra消防站。直至今日,她精准捕捉了扎哈作品的材料和形态,为事务所最负盛名的项目留下了许多充满力量的照片。

In conjunction with the ammann // gallery, Cologne, photography by Hélène Binet captures the materiality and composition of ZHA’s work. Binet began her relationship with the practice in 1993 photographing ZHA’s first completed building, the Vitra Fire Station and has continued to the present day with powerful images of the firm’s most renowned projects.

▼Hélène Binet拍摄的扎哈作品展览,exhibition of Hélène Binet’s photography work of Zaha’s projects ©Kris Tamburello

▼MAXXI ©Helene Binet

▼Vitra消防站,Vitra Fire Station ©Helene Binet

Lapella椅也出现在了本次展览中,它由扎哈·哈迪德事务所电脑与设计研究组ZHCODE开发。Lapella使用专利技术,将石材和碳纤维结合在一起,转译了Hans J. Wegner于1963年设计的标志性的休闲椅。这个作品体现了事务所一直以来的努力,即不断实验进取,开发新的设计和建造方法,用轻质材料创造具有结构功能的几何形体。

▼Lapella模型研究,model research of Lapella ©Kris Tamburello

The Lapella chair is also presented within the exhibition. A research project investigating structure and fabrication-aware tectonics, Lapella reinterprets Hans J. Wegner’s iconic 1963 lounge chair using contemporary stone tooling and carbon fibre composites in a patented new manufacturing process.

Developed by ZHCODE — ZHA’s computation and design research group — Lapella continues the studio’s ongoing experimentation into innovative new methods of design and construction to generate geometries defined by light-weight material utilization and structural performance.



This investigative approach is evident in each of the works presented within the New York pop-up; demonstrating the studio’s collaborative, research-led methodology where furniture and product designs are inter-related at an architectural scale with their research and experimentation of new materials and manufacturing technologies.

▼扎哈事务所设计作品 – 细胞烛台,Work of Zaha Hadid Design – Cell Candleholders

▼扎哈事务所设计作品 – Duo盐与胡椒研磨器,Work of Zaha Hadid Design – Duo Salt & Pepper Grinders

▼扎哈事务所设计作品 – 高线帽,Work of Zaha Hadid Design – H-Line Hat for Friends of the Highline


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