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Serene on-land and raft accommodations

Project Specs


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Z9度假酒店位于泰国北碧府Srinagarind堤岸,是一个漂浮在水面上的度假胜地,其设计获得了由BCI Asia颁发的2018年IDA“休闲类项目”大奖。酒店的独特之处在于其对材料的运用和以自然为导向的独特结构:客人们可以选择隐私性良好的陆上住宿,或者舒适又别具一格的筏上住宿。每个建筑物都采用自然通风,其形态及色彩与优美的山景和湖景相互衬托,并以适度的比例融入周边环境。建筑的轮廓与自然形成的湖岸彼此呼应,大堂空间是基于月亮的方向而设计,客人们可以在此体验“日出与日落”的盛景。

Z9 Resort, awarded IDA 2018 Winner Prize “hospitality” from BCI Asia, is a floating resort which perched on Srinakarin Dam, Kanchanaburi. The resort is famous for their appropriately use of materials and its nature-oriented structure which offer private on-land accommodation and cozy raft accommodations. Each building utilizes natural ventilation, the shapes and color intimately blended in with the attractiveness of mountain and lake view. The proportion is also in line with the environment. The lines obviously represent the natural lake-side context, and the lobby is designed based on lunar direction which mean resort’s guests can enjoy stunning “Sunrise and Sunset” scenic.

▼场地鸟瞰,aerial view



Z9 owners’ believe that one of the best way to enjoy natural environment is to stay and relax in the resort which adopted sustainable design concept. So, sustainable design approaches, based upon the “3R” concept which are Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, have been used in this project in many ways.

▼酒店客房借助木筏漂浮在湖面上,the accommodations are floating on the lake through the use of rafts

▼每个建筑物均实现了自然通风,each building utilizes natural ventilation

▼客房外观细部,detailed view



Firstly, Reuse. Reuse concept was refer to the use of existing wood from the existing resort. The old wood were use as resort decorations. OSB Board which used as the ceiling was another aspect of the reuse concept. This is because OSB Board was created by compressing layers of wood flakes.

▼项目中使用的木材均取自于既有建筑,reuse concept was refer to the use of existing wood from the existing resort

▼酒店大堂,lobby night view

▼轻盈的钢结构可以减少建筑与地面的实质接触,steel structure allows a wider span which means less on-ground touching and can be adjusted to suit with the existing footing

▼通向下方用餐区的入口,entrance to the restaurant on the lower level


Secondly, Reduce. One of the best way to build any building within the site which has rich-natural context is to create as less environmental footprint as possible. According to this way of approach, very-few site contour adjustment were applied. Light-weight structure such as steel structure was used to build this resort. Steel structure promote eco-friendly outcome in many ways for instance the wider span which means less on-ground touching and can be adjusted to suit with the existing footing, faster and cleaner construction in comparison with concrete structure.



Thirdly, Recycle. Since some of the existing wood is quite large so, they were adjusted and used for in-door furniture. Moreover, close circuit water treatment was applied to treat the water before drainage into the lake. This mean resort’s guests can enjoy their water activities with worry-free.

▼客房内部,guest room interior

▼体积庞大的旧木材被应用于室内家具,some of the existing wood was adjusted and used for in-door furniture


Essentially, guests can absorb privacy, serenity, and be in tuned with the natural context of Kanchanaburi, one of Thailand’s most famous place for enjoying hillside and lakeside scenic, during their stay.

▼街道层入口,entrance on the street level

▼客房夜景,night view

▼住宿空间与优美的自然环境相互对话,the resort tuned into the natural context of Kanchanaburi





Project name: Z9 Resort
Architect’s Firm: Dersyn Studio Co., Ltd
Architect’s Website: https://www.facebook.com/dersynstudio/
Client’s Website: http://z9resorts.com/
Contact e-mail: dersyn_@hotmail.com
Project location: Si Sawat, Kanchanaburi, THAILAND
Completion Year: 25 December 2017
Gross Built Area (square meters or square foot): 3,100 square meters
Principal Architects: Sarawoot Jansaeng-aram (Dersyn Studio Co., Ltd.)
Project Team: Chanita Wannamass, Kunakorn Buathong, Nuttawoot Mutchima, Suchin Thongmorn, Tawee Natrakulwisut, Thitipong Fuangfung, Wasawat Maneeon
Client: Chatchai Chatudomkul
Other participants: Saksit Veeramas (lighting consultant), Teeracote Konglomjeake (electrical engineer), Narathip Deekaew (structural engineer), TEN Design and Construction (interior fit-out contractor)
Structural System: Steel Structure on existing footing
Major Materials: exposed reinforced concrete, shingle roof, existing wood, bamboo, steel, OSB, aluminum, glass
Photo credits: Beer Singnoi, Jagkree Phetphosree
Photographer’s website: https://beersingnoi.com/

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