el jardín (in)temporal, La Biennale di Venezia by Ocamica Tudanca arquitectos

A dialogue between you and the garden

Project Specs


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▼鸟瞰花园,aerial view

This place, unaware of our logics, has become a spontaneous garden by its own means. Instead of denying its own character, or imposing an abstract discourse about any other quality of the space, we believe the intervention should serve to enhance the garden itself. We claim the reprogramming of this space as a collective action. The act of experiencing a garden should go beyond the mere observation. The real perception of a garden can only be experienced and felt through intervention.

▼花园改造前后场景,garden before & after renovation


Making a physical, tangible action allows us to go beyond being mere observers, as we become part of the garden. This makes us aware that our individual actions all leave their footprint behind and contribute to shape the collective spaces we live in.


▼白色卵石铺地&汀步石板,white pebble ground & stepping stones



We understand the garden as a process, not as an end itself. It is intended to be a dialogue between you, the visitor, and the garden.

▼中心花境鸟瞰,central flower border aerial view

▼中心花境,central flower border

▼花境植物材料细部,flower border plant materials details


From the 26th of May to the 25th of November, this will be the temporary garden for the Spanish Pavilion at the Biennale. During this time, the actions of every visitor will breathe life and energy to this forgotten corner. Once the Biennale is over, we will abandon this space again. But the garden will still keep working under its own rules, moving, transforming, eternally becoming, until we come back to rediscover it in the next Biennale. Then, it will be a different garden, it will have grown and evolved. But it will still be the timeless garden.

▼花园入口&放置种子球的木箱,entrance & the wooden box contains seedballs

▼参观者将种子播撒在花园里,每个人的参与都是对花园的一次改造,visitors sowed the seeds in the garden, everyone’s participation is a renovation of the garden


▼剖面图,不同时段人对花园的介入,sections, phases of the intervention

Name of the project: el jardín (in)temporal
Name of the thechnical office: Ocamica Tudanca arquitectos
Web site: http://ocamicatudanca.com
E-mail: mas@ocamicatudanca.com
Architects authors of the project: Iñigo Ocamica e Iñigo Tudanca
Location of the Project: Venezia, Giardini della Biennale, Spanish Pavilion,
Year of construction: 2018
Surface constructed: (m2) 120 m2
Technical advisor for species selection and plantation: Elisa Tomat – http://elisato- mat.com
Manufacturing of seedballs: Ecoluciona – https://ecolucionamalaga.com y J-Aulas Abiertas – http://www.j-aulasabiertas.com
Construction: NONSOLOVERDE Cooperativa Sociale – https://www.nonsoloverde.org
Acknowledgements: becoming – http://www.b-e-c-o-m-i-n-g.com y Pablo Bes
Brands / Products: Seedballs manufactured by Ecoluciona y J-Aulas Abiertas.

More:  Ocamica Tudanca arquitectos更多关于他们:Ocamica Tudanca arquitectos on gooood

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