Featured Projects in the multi-culture country of China : Landscape improvement design of Yunhan Plaza and Yunhan Commercial Street Phase I at Kunming Pond by China Northwest Architecture Institute

Reproduce the world-class magnificent scenery

Project Specs


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Lingering charm of the flourishing age


Kunming Pond is l0cated between Feng River and Yu River in the Fengdong New City, Xi’an. It is recorded in Book of the Han Dynasty: During the Emperor Wu of Han Years that “Based on Biography of Southwest Barbarians, Dian Lake in Yuexi County, Kunming Kingdom covers the area of over 300 square kilometers. Han Envoy intended to travel to Shendu Kingdom but was impeded by Kunming. Therefore, the Emperor decided to conquer Kunming. He made a pool named Kunming Pond similar with Dian Chi at 40 km southwest to Chang’an to allow soldiers to practice battles in the water.”

▼项目外观,external view of the project ©叁山影像


As the unprecedented water conservancy project at that time, the birth of Kunming Pond, as the lifeblood of the country, was given the sacred mission of pacifying the world and connecting foreign nations.Throughout vicissitudes of time, Kunming Pond has existed for more than 960 years, becoming a ripple left by history of the ancient capital Chang’an. Now, its rebirth is the retrogression of the glorious years of the Western Han Dynasty in China today.

▼昆明池与其他湖水尺度对比,contrast between Kunming Pond and other lakes ©中国建筑西北设计研究院


The greatest truths are the simplest


▼项目鸟瞰,汉武雕塑立于广场中央,aerial view of the plaza, the Sculpture of Emperor Wu of Han stands in the center of the project ©叁山影像

The Kunming Pond Scenic Area re-presented in front of the world takes the principal-axis plaza of Yunhan Commercial Street as its leading space, and the Sculpture of Emperor Wu of Han, Sailing Against Wind and Waves as the core main scene. On the sculpture, Emperor Wu stands upright on the warship surrounded by civil and military officials. The latitude and longitude crossed on the ground implies the emperor’s ambition to ride the wind and waves and to rule the world.

▼昆明池开园盛况,view of the plaza when it was initiated ©昆明池投资开发有限公司


In order to present the majesty of the Western Han Dynasty, a ceremonial plaza with a radius of 130M was used as the best display interface for the main sculpture of Emperor Wu in our creation of the landscape space. The main body of the plaza designed with “glazed wave surface covered in silky mist” connects water pattern paving and water waves, creating the magnificence of warships going out to sea.

▼从广场看向雕塑,view to the sculpture from the plaza ©叁山影像

▼恢弘的雕塑立于简洁的地面上,the grand sculpture contrasts with the concise ground paving ©叁山影像


With an expectation to highlight the stunning image of the main sculpture, Yunhan Plaza is extremely concise. The strong contrast with the overall interface was inspired from the repeated deliberation of the “glazed wave surface” approach in this design process.

▼夜景,突显主景雕塑的震撼,night view, underline the stunning image of the main sculpture ©叁山影像,昆明池投资开发有限公司


Details show the best


Details means minor key points, in other words, each link and each setting. In the design deepening phase, the design team conducted many experiments and discussions around how to reflect the beautiful stretch of the wave surface, and repeatedly tested various curve pavement methods common on the market. A variety of combinations of methods have been tried out.

▼铺装打版推敲,analysis of the paving ©中国建筑西北设计研究院

▼铺装施工过程,paving construction process ©中国建筑西北设计研究院

▼完成后的水纹铺装实景,waved texture of the paving after completion ©叁山影像


Meanwhile, in order to present the malleable “glazed waves” and connect different textures of water (dynamic) and paving (static), and method of coping with their boundary is carefully considered during the shaping of the water landscape. Even the details of the chamfer angle and the width of the interface are designed to ensure tourist safety and experience comfort. In the end, a pleasing image with defined textures of the thin waves is presented, which will make tourists enjoy themselves on the plaza area without distracting the other scenery setting.

▼水景结构分析,structure analysis of the waterscape ©中国建筑西北设计研究院

▼水景施工过程,construction process of the waterscape ©中国建筑西北设计研究院

▼完成后的水景,waterscape after completion  ©佟阳


Glazed wave surface with lingering charm


The details are usually deep concealed. Not every tourist can notice the details of the paving and water scenery under their feet. However, for the designers: every time a layer of design details is peeled off, a new “discovery” journey awaits. If the designer can constantly “peel” layer by layer, infinite lingering charm can be interpreted even with extremely simple presentation.

▼广场为人们提供自然的休憩场所,the plaza offers natural resting space for people ©叁山影像

▼广场边的商业街,commercial area on one side of the plaza ©叁山影像

▼商业建筑内部空间简洁现代,simple and modern interior space of the commercial buildings ©叁山影像


PROJECTNAME: Landscape improvement design project of Yunhan Plaza and Yunhan Commercial Street Phase I at Kunming Pond
PROJECTYEAR: 2017.5——2018.9
PROJECTSIZE: 105800 m2

PROJECTOWNER: Kunming pool Investment Development Co., Ltd
ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN: China Northwest Architecture Design And Research Institute Co.Ltd-The 12th Design Institute
ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN TEAM: Liu Bin, Liu Yuxia ,Ma Ning, Tang Yuntong, Zhang Bin
LANDSCAPE DESIGN: China Northwest Architecture Design And Research Institute Co.Ltd-ADEA
LANDSCAPE DESIGN TEAM: Tong Yang, Zhao Qiang,Cheng Xuan,Xia Fei, Liu Yuyun, Zhang Yixin, Zhao Xiaojing,Guo Wenhao,Ren Ziyan, Zou Linyu, Lei Sicong, Wang Jiejue,Wu Yuyao,Gong Deqiang,Bai Donghao, Wu Yue, Yan Geng
OTHER PROFESSIONAL TEAMS: Zhang Jun, Zhao Fengxia, He Pengpeng, Zha Bo, Wang Chen, Lv Xingyun
SCULPTURE DESIGN and CONCEPT DESIGN: Central Academy of Fine Arts
LANDSCAPE CONSTRUCTION TEAM: China Construction first Engingeering Division.corp.ltd

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