Youth to youth Apartment by batlab architects

Continuous ribbon with multiple functions creating a vivid living space for the youth.

Project Specs


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The idea of the two-staired bedroom-loft, which is acting as the accented main element of the flat, was envisioned by a young couple. We were trying to validate design and functionality equally, which resulted in our trying to achieve such consistency and homogeneity that can as well incorporate male and female differences.

▼ 室内一览,有两座楼梯的连续跃层卧室空间,overall view of the interior, a two-staired bedroom loft creates a continuous space

1-overall_youth to youth_batlab architects


The placement of the bed right above the door (as ordered by the clients) created a zigzagged geometry that became a ribbon waving towards the corners of the room and as doing so, started to shape and divide the space around it.

▼ 客厅,浴室门的正上方为床,living room, the bed is right above the door of the bathroom

2-living room_youth to youth_batlab architects


Sheet metal stairs enveloped in the ribbon form a male side, while the descending ribbon itself counters the former with female delicacy on the other side. This ribbon-like “object” acts simultaneously as floor and ceiling, stairs and bed, shelves and hidden storage. Our aim was to compose a homogenous continuous ribbon, which was achieved by using painted fibreboards (MDF) on a steel supporting structure.

▼ 设计概念,丝带上包含不同功能,concept showing the multi-functions of the ribbon

8-concept_youth to youth_batlab architects

▼ 连接男士空间的金属楼梯包裹在丝带中,设有搁架和储藏室,metal stair to the male side, enveloped in the ribbon which also functions as shelf and storage

4-stair4_youth to youth_batlab architects     4-storage_youth to youth_batlab architects

▼ 床,设通透的玻璃挡板,bed with transparent glass partition

3-bedroom_youth to youth_batlab architects

▼ 在女士空间,丝带自身成为楼梯,下设储藏空间,the ribbon becomes the stair at the female side with storage below

4-stair2_youth to youth_batlab architects

4-stair_youth to youth_batlab architects     5-stair3_youth to youth_batlab architects

▼ 细部,details

6-storage2_youth to youth_batlab architects     5-stair6_youth to youth_batlab architects

橙红色的跃层空间上设置有连续的线性灯光,打破了白色客厅单调的氛围, 创造了一个适合年轻业主的充满活力的生活环境。

Breaking up the monochromatic whiteness of the living-room, the red-orange loft complemented by the built-in lighting became a vivid nuance in the simple apartment fitting the young style of our clients.

▼ 灯光勾勒出丝带动感的轮廓,lighting pictures the fluid outline of the ribbon

7-lighting3_youth to youth_batlab architects

Designers/Architects: Gergő Batizi-Pócsi, Péter Batizi-Pócsi /batlab architects/
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Design and construction: 2014
Photo: Norbert Juhász /juhász norbert photography/

Drawings: batlab architects
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