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The city of Xi’an was once known as Chang’an the seat of several important dynasties in ancient China; today, it is home to the Xi’an Hi-tech Industries Development Zone, a leading center of technological development. This project involved the design of the YJY Maike Centre Flagship (Store), a bookstore and commercial complex occupying 4,500 m2 on the first and second floors of an elegant building in the Development Zone. The goal of the design was to create a place for encounters between people, cultures, and books from around the world by building on three remarkable features of the site: its location in an ancient city that boasts the extraordinary World Heritage Terracotta Army as well as the origin of the Silk Road; its luxurious surroundings, including a Grand Hyatt on the upper floors; and the elegant lines of the twin building.

▼言几又·迈科中心旗舰店一层概览,overview of YJY Maike Centre Flagship (Store)  on the first floor

以「Library & Gallery」为主题。将追求时间质量的人们向往的阅读空间「Library」和感受文化艺术的空间「Gallery」这两个要素融合在一起,采用了可诱发顾客与书店创意的互动、共同营造理想环境的「宫殿式布局」。如同宫殿,从一个房间步入另一个房间,以符合人性尺度的空间构成,实现「人与人」、「人与书」、「人与空间」的亲和,就像众人喜爱的「家」,给人们归属感。

The overall concept for the project was “Library & Gallery.” Libraries are spaces for learning and valuing independent time, while galleries serve as intellectual spaces for displaying culture. The design blends elements of both and also incorporates features of palace architecture in order to encourage visitors and the store to collaboratively exchange and develop creative ideas. The layout resembles a Japanese or Chinese palace in its human scale and arrangement of interlinked rooms, while also evoking the universal concept of a house through its expression of the intimate connections between people, books, and the space itself.

▼一层的图书长廊,book street on the first floor

▼设计以“Library & Gallery”为主题,the overall concept for the project was “Library & Gallery”

▼人性化的尺度与连续式房间布局构成人、书本、空间的亲密性,human scale and arrangement of interlinked rooms express the intimate connections between people, books, and the space itself


▼挑空空间悬挂的照明如同飞舞的纸片,the void above the staircase is illuminated by lights that resemble fluttering sheets of paper

Books play an integral role in the design of the first floor, with a 10-meter-high bookshelf just inside the entryway viscerally conveying the store’s identity the instant visitors step inside. The area around the open spiral staircase functions like a courtyard, with a bright floor and mirrors on the ceiling to distinguish it from other areas. The void above the staircase is illuminated by lights that resemble fluttering sheets of paper, while the stage at its base features an inlaid stone map of Xi’an and its surroundings, offering a gorgeous space for events.

▼旋转楼梯处的中庭地面采用了明快的色调,the area around the open spiral staircase functions like a courtyard with a bright floor

▼楼梯一侧的咖啡座位区,the book & cafe area near the spiral staircase

▼空间中设计了石材镶嵌的西安地图,可以在这里举办丰富多彩的活动,space has an inlaid stone map of Xi’an, offering a gorgeous space for events


▼空间尽端的扶梯区域,escalator at the end of the first floor

The second floor does double duty as a hotel lounge, with a counter bar where office workers can socialize. On the 50-meter-long “Book Street,” a low ceiling, dark colors for the floor and ceiling, and display boxes set in bookshelves come together to create a subdued gallery-like atmosphere. The distinctive artwork incorporated throughout the store is all original, commissioned to reflect themes appropriate to the location. The overall effect is a tasteful, classic environment that reflects China’s long and proud history, where visitors can relax, unwind, learn, think, enjoy life, and embark on a creative journey that transcends space and time.

▼二层空间,interior of the second floor

▼楼梯一侧的柜台区域,the counter near the spiral staircase

▼二层兼具酒店休憩区功能,为办公楼内的员工提供交流的场所,the second floor does double duty as a hotel lounge where office workers can socialize

▼古典氛围与情趣的吧台,bar space with a tasteful, classic effect

▼活动场地,event space

▼一层平面图,first floor plan

▼二层平面图,second floor plan

室内设计公司: ikg inc. (http://ikg.cc)
摄影:Nacasa & Partners
项目面积:4500 m² (1F/2F)
合作设计公司:A Factory inc. / JPM Co, Ltd.
灯光设计:sola associates

Project Information:
Client: Maike Group
Photo Credit: Nacasa & Partners
Designer Credit: Tomoko Ikegai
Interior Design Firm: ikg inc. (http://ikg.cc)
Project Location: No. 12, Jinye Road, High Tech Zone, Xi’an, Shaanxi, China
Total floor area: 4,500 m² (1F/2F)
Completion: December 2018
Design Cooperation: A Factory inc. / JPM Co, Ltd.
Lighting Design: sola associates
Visual Identity, Signage: ujidesign

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