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The tree in the courtyard bring a shade of traditional Beijing life.

Project Specs


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The project is located in Beijing Dongcheng District old courtyards area. It is a standard of traditional courtyard. The owner family is local residents, the three generations of people living in the yard for more than 40 years, They love the jujube tree in the yard very much.

▼ 改造的四合院位于北京东城区,the renovated courtyard is located in Dongcheng District

▼ 项目鸟瞰,bird’s eye view



原有存在木结构遭腐蚀、强度破坏、空间压抑灰暗等明显不足,院内更是私搭乱建出各种房间,蚕食了本来开敞的院子。院子新的功能使命是一个小型精品民宿,设计者首先希望恢复四合院的精髓,创造一个豁然开朗的院子,把枣树、阳光以及使用者的各种活动装进去。两个 L 型房间的布局帮助设计师实现了这一空间,沿街的北房与东房是一个公共客厅连带两个客房,南房与西房被分成三间不同大小的客房。并以京剧特有的角色生旦净末丑来命名这 5 间不同性格的房间。

The original structure was corrosion, damaged. All kind of stuff occupied the original opened courtyard. The new function of the yard is a small Boutique Hostel, the first idea of designer is bring back essence of Beijing courtyard, creating a courtyard full of sunshine with the jujube tree, and user’s activities. Two L layout to help designers to achieve this space, North and east wing is a public living room with two bedrooms, the South west wing is divided into three different size bedrooms. Designer use Peking Opera to name the 5 rooms for their different personalities.

▼ 民宿中的大厅,public space for the bed and breakfast




In the construction process designer retained the old roof structural, added purlin, replace waterproof and roofing tile. Designer The designer reduced the South-East wing`s original ground height, to keep same height with other rooms. And get chance to create one more floor in the heightened internal space.

▼ 改造过程保留了老屋的传统木质结构,designer preserved the traditional wooden structure

▼ 客房的景观,view in the guestroom

▼ 为客房设计的夹层,mezzanine in the guestroom




In order to create traditional and natural atmosphere, designer chose bamboo as the main material of exterior facade. It is a kind of high performance bamboo fiber composite material, which has the characteristics of green environmental protection, high strength and good processability. Color and texture are better than decorative materials. Glass and bamboo material constitute a simple composition of modernism, designer show his respect to tradition and natural.

▼ 内院中使用的竹钢材料,the bamboo material used in the courtyard

▼ 项目轴测图,the exploded axon shows the material used in the project



project value


Renovation in Beijing old town always has great attraction for people. It is not only a place of accommodation, but to show the possibility of old city update. To restore confidence of Beijing old city.

▼ 夜色中的小院,renovated courtyard in night

▼ 平面,plan

建筑师:尚懿 白云祥 刘云

Architects: Total Architecture
Location: Xiyangwei Hutong Beijing, China
Project Year: 2016/10-2017/2
Type: Renovation
Architect in Charge: Shang Yi
Area: 230 sq.m.
Photographs: Rjing-Photo

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