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One Space with Multiple Expressions

Project Specs


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把一件容易的事情, 用多种方式去思考,在简单里也能找到极致与变易,用一个有限的空间,去容纳简单的身躯复杂的情绪,并让空间在情绪互动中产生特殊的意义。

Think of an easy thing, then find different ways to approach the simplicity. Use the limited space to accommodate the complex emotions of the simplicity, and let the space give you a special meaning during the emotional interaction.

▼项目概览,project preview


This is not just a cafe with an atmosphere, this is a multi-functional space that allows people to communicate and interact, which can meet the needs for small-scale performances, salons, exhibitions, conferences and co working.

▼开放空间,the open space

易间 为中国网易旗下的咖啡品牌,位于网易北京总部大楼,室外是大楼的下沉广场,由于位址的开阔性,阳光透过大大的落地窗照射进来,即使是在寒冷的冬季,也暖洋洋的。

Yijian Cafe is a coffee brand owned by China NetEase. The cafe is located on the ground floor of the NetEase Headquarters Building in Beijing, above the sunken plaza of the building. Due to the openness of the space, the sun shines through the large floor-to-ceiling windows, even in the cold winter, it is warm.

▼阳光带来暖意,a warm space with natural light



There are two doors in the space that are important passages which can be used for other spaces, and the plane leaves a main passage. The plane is divided into large and small rectangular areas by the channel, and partitioned according to function.

▼吧台区域,coffee bar area

view to the function lounge from the open space

空间,物理性表现为长度、宽度、高度。被形态所包围、限定的空间为实空间,其他部分称为虚拟空间,虚拟空间是依赖于实空间而存在的。离开实空间的虚拟空间是没有意义的;反之,没有虚拟空间,实空间也就无处存在。 整体空间看似简单纯粹甚至了无新意,实际上设计将简单的3个盒子让空间产生了虚实的结构关系。


The space logical idea comes from Tai Chi yin and yang “Empty and Solid”. Surrounded by morphology, the limited space is a“Solid space”, and the other parts are “Empty spaces”. The “Empty”space is dependent on the solid space. The“Empty” space leaving the “Solid” space is meaningless; and on the contrary, without the “Empty” space, there is no place for the “Solid”space.

three simple boxes were put into place to create empty and solid spaces


▼透过盒子望向空间,view through the “boxes”

Based on the above concepts of “Empty and Solid” spaces, the “box” is put into place, producing different positive and negative spaces. A variety of functions could be met, such as a bar area, multi-functional area, deck seating areas, etc. The different opening directions and scales of the box present an interesting contrast and rhythm: privacy and openness, reality and emptiness, darkness and lightness- conveying different spatial emotions. When people are active inside, the relationship between space and people, and the relationship between people become closer and more interesting, and at the same time gain an immersive experience within the space.

▼多功能区,the function lounge

▼多功能区内部,function lounge interior view

▼室内细节,dining area

▼建筑立面,exterior view

項目名稱 : 易間
Project Name : Yijian Cafe
設計公司 : 古魯奇公司
Design Firm : Golucci Interior Architects
設計總監 : 利旭恒
Chief Designer : LEE Hsuheng
主創設計團隊 : 許嬌嬌,張曉環
Project Design Team : Xu Jiaojiao, Zhang Xiaohuan
Lighting : SIKI Lighting
項目位置 : 北京,中國
Location : Beijing, China
項目面積 : 790平方米
Built area: 790平方米
完成時間 : 2020年02月
Completion date : Feb. 2020
攝影 : 魯魯西
Photographer: Lulu Xi
Text : Golucci Interior Architects

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