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Located among the mountains of Ankang, Shaanxi, Yao Villa, designed by Meta-Artisan Architecture & Design Studio, sits on the magnificent scenery as well as the pleasant environment. In approximately one thousand square metered area, the project is not only for host’s residence, but it also the place for welcoming friends. The building, which featured the sense of mass, adhere the conception of founder and order. Terraces were set in each floor as garden space for sight view, continuous with the scenery of surrounding terrain.

▼建筑坐落于青山之间,the house sits on the magnificent scenery 摄影©谭啸

▼基地周边环境,the context 摄影©谭啸

▼院子里的水景,the water features in the yard 摄影©谭啸

▼通往前院的主入口,the main entrance leading towards the front yard  摄影©谭啸

▼通往后山的次要入口,the secondary entrance leading towards the hillside 摄影©谭啸


As the space for meeting guests, the first floor consists of hallway, living room, collection gallery and home theater. Guest room, dining room and gym were located on the second floor, which was used as guest lounge area. The third floor was the main space for the daily life of the hosts, which was composed of home office, tearoom, piano room as well as a large terrace. Master bedroom and family room were set on the top floor. The arrangement of the vertical windows on the external elevation were strictly followed the modulus to reveal a distinct pattern of layout. The white colored building elevation, is like a pearl in the verdant forest.

▼位于一层的客厅,living room on the ground floor 摄影©谭啸

▼书房,study  摄影©谭啸

▼茶室,tearoom 摄影©谭啸

▼走廊,corridor 摄影©谭啸

▼露台,terrace 摄影©谭啸


The interior design concept of Yao Villa attended to two aspects, which were leaving blank and forming space. Yao Villa as the site for daily living to the host, it represents distinct-different from commercial residential buildings. Leaving blank was carefully considered during the design process to create an idyllic scene. Meanwhile, to deliver the complete spatial concept of the architectural design in the interior space, more attention was focused on the interest and presentation of space, which integrated the interior and exterior scene of the building.

▼夜景,night view  摄影©谭啸




↑ 一层平面图

↑ 二层平面图

↑ 三层平面图

↑ 四层平面图

时间:2015.10 – 2017.04

Design: Meta-Artisan Architecture & Design Studio
Chief Architect: Ziqi Li, Xi Chen
Team: Jia Hao, Qiang Wei, Xujia Zhang, Ningning Liu
Category: Villa
Materials: Concrete, brick, and glass
Time: 2015.10 – 2017.04
Photographer:Xiao Tan
Translator: Xuancheng Zhang

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