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Wandering in the Woods

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心蒙 · 蒙特梭利幼儿园位于厦门岛的海边,原始建筑被设计为邮轮形式,主要依赖人工照明,也缺乏足够的活动空间,这与人们对幼儿园的期待完全不符。


XinMeng · Montessori Kindergarten is located on the coastline of Xiamen Island. The original structure resembled a liner. It had limited space and heavily relied on artificial lights, which was against the common expectations of kindergartens.

▼ 设计效果动画,concept gif


要有光|There must be light


▼中庭采光、楼梯与滑梯分析,effect drawings of atrium, stairs and slides

Sunlight, soil and grass are all essential spatial elements to children’s growth. Out of considerations of structural stability and costs, L&M has kept the entire structure and created an atrium running vertically through three stories. Such design guarantees that all classrooms receive natural light from both sides.

▼中庭顶部天窗,skylight above the atrium

▼贯穿三层的中庭,an atrium running vertically through three stories

▼ 保留结构的基础上打开采光中庭,creation of an atrium based on the original structure

▼光线饱满且柔和,full and gentle light

▼盘旋而上的楼梯,spiraling stairs

▼安全通透的走廊,safe and transparent corridor


树林漫步|Wandering in the Woods


▼中庭小树林轴测图,the atrium woodland axon

Taking advantage of the original structure, the atrium transforms the “liner” into a “woodland.” Columns and beams immediately become trees and bridges. Continuous stairs and slides spiral up around the “trees”, connecting and activating spaces. “Tree houses” provide private spaces for children to read and do handwork. The kindergarten basically adopts light wood color. Wide application of ultra-white transparent glue-clad safety glass creates a pure, fair and quiet environment. Arc chamfers instead of sharp corners help minimize potential hazards. Children can move freely and safely. The third floor provides a combination of indoor and outdoor activity areas connected by a plastic track. The track is an extension of the atrium and separates out various thematic activity areas.

▼富有张力的楼梯曲线,stair curve full of tension

▼中庭下的草坡和沙池,grass slopes and sand pools under the atrium

▼ 柱子成为树,梁成为桥,columns as trees and beams as bridges

▼滑梯出口以及教室入口,the exit of the slide and the entrance of the classrooms


细节是魔鬼|Details matter


The kindergarten thoughtfully considers the needs of children at 2-6. The facilities are benchmarked against the needs of children at 2-6, and distinguish between those for children at 1.5-3 and those for children at 3-6. Classrooms adopt soft colors and materials, creating a home-like space where child can fully express their potentiality. The design of the kindergarten has been drawing on the Montessori concepts and principles. Besides safety, we give freedom back to children. Design and love bring sunlight into childhood.

▼ 双面采光的教室,明亮又温馨,Cozy Classrooms with Light from Both Sides

▼孩子们在自己动手做蛋糕,children making cakes

▼教室内的儿童卫生间,restroom in the classroom

▼活动场地以及跑道,activity areas with a plastic track


▼走廊的小空间,small spaces

▼ 整体轴侧, Integral Side-axis Drawing

▼ 平面视线分析图,view diagram

机电设计:TEA 立木机电
景观设计:IA 立木景观

Property Owner: Xiamen XinMeng · Montessori Kindergarten
Designer: L&M Design Lad
Chief Architect: John
Project Managers: GUO, LIU Jinrui, FENG Qiong
Designing Team: ZHU Sijun, LAI Wuyi, GUO Wei, FENG Fei, MING Xiangyi, YANG Huangwei, ZHANG Su, ZHANG Haosheng, ZHANG Endong, XIE Shunbing, LIN Zehui, YANG Xulun
Structure Adviser: LIU Chengliang
Electromechanical Design: TEA
Landscape Design: IA L&M LANDSCAPE
Design Duration: October, 2018 – January, 2019
Total Area: 5000m2
Main Materials: wall paint (TIKKURILA), PVC floor (MASTA), ceiling (KNAUF)
Photograph: HU Yijie
Project Collaboration:86+15000410160

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