Xico-Parque Sur 23 by All Arquitectura

A court for all beside the Xico Volcano

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“Xico-Parque Sur 23″项目由墨西哥事务所All Arquitectura与love.futbol合作完成,并由Pincus家庭基金会提供资金支持。被改造的空间位于Valle de Chalco市区的一处由当地居民向政府争取来的场地,具有类似于公园的功能。在密集的住宅区中间,这块场地承载并讲述着市民们的日常生活。在距离场地不远处,Xico火山的环形坑进一步为新公园的设计提供了思路与身份特征。

▼项目概览,general view © Zaickz Studio

The project “Xico-Parque Sur 23” of the Mexican office all architecture is a collaboration with love.futbol and the sponsorship of the Pincus Family Foundation. The intervened space is a field made by the neighbors, who years ago pressured the government to make it a reality. It is a space in the middle of Valle de Chalco, a municipality that functions as a park; It is a totally open public area for the people, in the middle of the housing density. In this way, a documentary was made that shows the textures of the daily life of Valle de Chalco in the State of Mexico, in the cradle of the original towns of the municipality. The space to intervene, an area just to the side and the slopes of what was the Xico Volcano, a perfect and circular agglomerate. Its ring shape further defines the concept and identity of this new park.

▼鸟瞰,aerial view © Zaickz Studio



▼场地位于密集的住宅区中心,in the middle of the housing density © Zaickz Studio

▼附近的Xico火山坑,the Xico volcano nearby © Zaickz Studio

One of the main objectives is to generate strategies to interact and identify what the community wants. We have always thought that there is no one better than them to teach us about the place where they live and we approach them with an open mind, knowing that we are oblivious to the problems they face. We listen to them and we provoke these encounters where people tell you that they want a kiosk, that they want a space for the elderly, that they want benches to sit on, a space where the sun does not shine at noon, bathrooms, etc.

The design strategies focused on the area of ​​a field that already existed, located less than 300 meters from the Xico volcano, which is currently no longer active but is used for harvesting. In fact, some people in the area are ejidatarios and in harvest season you can see the interior of the volcano full of agricultural products. You feel in a completely different space where there is nothing but nature and the sky, which crowns the space that we intervene. It is almost like an oasis and the only ones who cross that space are the pedestrians who generate their traffic lines freely inside.

▼从球场望向座位,view towards the seating area from the court © Zaickz Studio

▼球场内部,inside the court © Zaickz Studio


The architectural program is something very simple and I think it is something that we promote in all the spaces that we create for love.football. It is a court 28 meters long by 16 meters wide. They are small courts, but definitely what the space is allowing us to build are measures more or less a football field 5 or futsal, amenities such as toilets are added, an open sink area so that you do not have to enter the bathroom and make it very versatile. It is something very open for people to use. We also have a covered area that can be used as outdoor classrooms. You can take a table, play chess and one more area as box training. People like boxing a lot, so it is something that they always ask us for. You can put some ropes, you can put a pear, a sack and you can be training there without problem.

▼公用设施,amenities © Zaickz Studio


We were also able to intervene and create new play spaces for children. And we also liked that a lot, like seeing that in reality the children did appropriate them and that people used them even in the documentary, in a shot where there are like 200 people above the games, you see how the impact and actually the many people who do not have a decent space to play or simply to be, not being accompanied by their friends or family.

▼儿童游戏区,children’s area © Zaickz Studio

▼夜景,night view © Zaickz Studio

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Photo: Zaickz Studio

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