Xi’erqi Station of Beijing Subway by Li Xinggang

With its quiet architectural pose but close relationship with our daily life, the station becomes an important “city landmark”.

Project Specs


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Xi’erqi Station is the southern terminal of Subway Changping Line in Beijing and its transfer station to Subway Line 13. The station is an elevated frame-type building consisting of a semi-underground storey and two above-ground stories supported by four colonnades that create three spans. The Champping Line part consists of an elevated side platform on the second storey and the Line 13 is part of a ground side platform on the ground storey. Based on the characteristics of side platforms, the cross-section of the buildings consists of two quadrangles combined with each other. PTFE membrane functions as the material and structure that enclose the roof and facade to provide a long-large space in which few columns are present.

▼夜景 Night view


Accommodating subway transportation, the tubular space formed by the combination of the two quadrangles is directly exposed to show the shape of the architecture. The structure and form, like something folded with paper, enable modular, standardized, prefabricated construction. The concise, fluent, and rhythmic architecture indeed expresses the characteristics of tensile membrane. The architectural form also meets the structure and drainage requirements.

▼13号线站台内景 Interior of platform of Line 13

▼室内天桥 Inner bridge

▼(left) 室内天桥 Inner bridge  (right) 楼扶梯 Stair & escalator


Because of the translucence of the PTFE membrane, soft and sufficient natural light can be transmitted into the station and no artificial lighting is necessary in daytime. At night, the lamp light transmitting out of the building makes the station like two bands of lighting paper lanterns that can be seen from far away by subway commuters going home. With its quiet architectural pose but close relationship with our daily life, the station becomes an important “city landmark”.

▼西侧外景 West exterior

▼立面局部 Part of facade

▼立面局部 Part of facade

▼膜结构施工 Construction of tensile structure


▼总平面图,master plan



▼客流模拟  Simulation of passenger flows

▼剖面图 Section

Project: Xi’erqi Station of Changping Line of Beijing Subway
建设地点 / Location:北京 / Beijing
设计时间 / Design Period:2008.11~2010.04
施工时间 / Construction Period:2009.10~2010.12
建筑面积 / Building Area:16670m2
获奖情况:北京国际设计周年度建筑设计奖(2011)、国际膜结构协会杰出贡献奖(2011)等 /
Award: Beijing Design Week Annual Award for Architecture Design (2011), IFAI Outstanding Achievement Award for Tensile Structures (2011), etc.

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