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景 | Background


Wuzhong Museum is located on the beautiful south bank of Tantai Lake in Suzhou, with Tantai Lake Scenic Area to the north and the planned  pedestrian area to the south, enjoying a broad view and fine scenery, and faces the famous Baodai Bridge across the lake. The bridge lying in the waves, water and sky merging into a single hue, form a rare Jiangnan scenery.

▼主入口鸟瞰,Bird’s-eye view of the main entrance © 筑境设计


The  focus of the design in such a site, is about how to effectively use the environmental resources,  while combining the advantages of the site, to create a distinctive and dynamic space, in order to present a museum building with local cultural connotation and harmonious coexistence with the environment.

▼视频,video © 筑境设计


设计理念 | Design Concept


Combined with the unique environmental advantages, the design aims to establish a good  conversation between the museum buildings and Tantai Lake Scenic Area, to enhance the publicness of the museum. As an attractive urban cultural facility, the museum also becomes an ideal place for people to interact, thereby improving the cultural quality of urban life in Wuzhong.

▼澹台湖,Tantai Lake © 筑境设计


▼体量生成,Volume Generation © 筑境设计

▼模型,Model Effect  © 筑境设计

In order to integrate the scenery of Tantai Lake as much as possible, we concentrated the closed functional space such as exhibition halls on the south of the building where the landscape is relatively poor, and organized them organically by combining them with the inward-oriented atrium and courtyard. The main public space of the building is arranged on the north side of the site with good landscape. The continuous and free transparent interface is used to establish good visual and behavioral contact with the external scenic area, making the internal public space bright and pleasant creating good conditions for enhancing the publicness and openness of the museum.

▼北侧透视,North Perspective © 筑境设计


The east side of the site is the landscape pedestrian axis, which connects the pedestrian area in the south and intersects with the lakeside park belt in the north. An important node connecting the Tantai Lake Scenic Area is thus constituted in the northeast corner of the site. The main entrance space of the building is located here, which forms a close relationship between the building and the external public open space and the scenic area along the lake.

▼主入口透视,Main Entrance Perspective  © 筑境设计

▼北侧透视,North Perspective  © 筑境设计


▼功能布局,Function Layout © 筑境设计

At the same time,the design takes full account of the environmental characteristics of Wuzhong, specially taking the basic units of the local traditional courtyard combined with the space requirements of the museum to determine the basic scale, and organically organizing these units through the atrium, courtyard and open space. In this way, the space image of Wuzhong garden is created in the rise and the fall, the virtual and the real, the internal and the open. The external form of the symbiosis between the reality and the virtual aptly blending with the environment is generated. The overall layout of the museum, like a seal of Wuzhong local culture, is deeply embedded in the scenery of Jiangnan.

▼室内公共中庭,Interior Public Atrium © 筑境设计


We applied the techniques of constructing gardens to the design of Wuzhong Museum, hoping to create the architectural space with rich context through the unique way of Jiangnan. The interior and exterior space design of Wuzhong Museum has interpreted typical Jiangnan gardens in modern architectural language. Whether it is the sequence organization that develops gradually, the sight control that cleverly borrows from the surroundings, the space effect that presents the big with the small, or the groups of meticulous arrangements, the small scenes composed of bridges, water, bamboo and courtyards can make people find familiar places in them.

▼室内透视,Interior Perspective © 筑境设计

▼1层平面图,1F plan © 筑境设计

▼2层平面图,2F plan © 筑境设计

▼3层平面图,3F plan © 筑境设计

▼南立面,South Elevation © 筑境设计

▼北立面,North Elevation © 筑境设计

▼东立面,East Elevation © 筑境设计

▼西立面,West Elevation © 筑境设计

▼1-1剖面图, 1-1Section © 筑境设计

建筑设计:骆晓怡 陈立国 江丽华 曾德鑫
结构设计:吴建乐 朱蓓 阮楚烘
给排水设计:杨迎春 孙有新
暖通设计:尹畅昱 唐新贵
电气设计:徐冰源 殷晓波
摄影版权: 筑境设计

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