Woods Bagot Studio Melbourne, Australia By Woods Bagot

Activate the vitality of the office by creating a central multifunctional space.

Project Specs


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Every day at 5.20pm the staff at elBulli stop what they are doing, clear down their work surfaces and cover them with tablecloths, bring in chairs and sit down to eat a three-course dinner together in the kitchen. This is known at elBulli as the family meal and it provided the inspiration behind our workplace. This notion of the gathering conditioned the various formal and informal spaces within the studio in the form of a large central space within the floor plates. This central space stitches together a variety of informal and formal areas of the studio. It also forms the main assembly space, as an open auditorium connecting the two levels, provides a forum for invited speakers, movie nights and tiered dancing on Friday nights. Its connection to the main staff lunch area and through into the workplace area is critical in reinforcing its social and collaborative agenda.

▼入口大厅,the entrance hall

▼多功能中央大厅可举办各种活动,the multi-functional central spaces


▼一层会议室,meeting room on the first floor

▼二层开阔的工作空间,the open working space

▼会议室 ,meeting room

▼室外望向工作室,the outside view

▼平面图,the plan

Project size:2000 m2
Completion date:2016

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