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Wonderwall Hotel is a site located in Chiang Mai, the province in the northern part of Thailand which houses several cultural and traditional tourist spots. The hotel is close to Tha-Pae gate, another important landmark inside the old Chiang Mai town. The big site hosting the hotel belongs to the hotel’s partner, which consists of several houses and some part of it was once constructed with dormitory.

▼酒店外观,exterior view of the hotel ©Baanlaesuan

2018年,酒店的老板决定将原先的旧宿舍楼改建为这个名为奇迹之墙(WONDERWALL)的酒店。最终的酒店由两个体量组成,其中一个体量是改造后的宿舍楼:高三层,拥有着14间客房;另一个体量是新建的,不仅充当着酒店的大堂,还容纳着清迈著名的咖啡馆——Youngfolk Café的第二家分店。此外,这个新建的体量还是一个住店客人和外部人员的共享空间,从而确保了酒店和咖啡馆可以同时运营,互不干扰。新建体量的二层设置着一个小型的办公空间。这个办公空间属于酒店的合作伙伴兼本案的设计方——建筑事务所blank studio。

Thus in 2018 the hotel owner decided to reform the old dormitory to be WONDERWALL. The hotel was built upon the old 3-stories dormitory and now consists of 14 rooms. The other new building was also built to be the lobby of the hotel, while Youngfolk Café, the well-known café from Jom Thong, Chiang Mai, also decided to open their second branch here. Meanwhile, the space is designed to be a sharing space which allows the hotel to operate simultaneously with the café so that it can also accommodate external people too. Upon the second floor of the building, there locates cute little office of Blankstudio, the partners and designers of this hotel.

▼酒店客房体量外观,由旧宿舍楼改造而来,exterior view of the guest room building that is transformed by the old dorm ©Baanlaesuan


The concept of this hotel is defined by the beauties of incompletion of materials, with the help of old city’s gates and walls close to the project which the designers chose to adapt with designing. They think that those gates and walls nowadays are not as in complete and neat conditions as they used to be. However, those imperfections don’t mean ugliness; in fact, they express the senses of place really well and hold their own beauty and uniqueness. The architects have applied the inspiration firstly with the walls of the hotel to build up new elements to the wall. The wall’s outline looks more combust by the combination of metal cells and disarranged bricks. By putting bricks halfway of the wall, not only it can create privacy to the project vision-wise, but it also expresses ‘Imperfection’ of those walls, which can be a very good representative of the concept of this design.

▼酒店外围墙,the bounding wall of the hotel ©Baanlaesuan

▼酒店围墙细节,金属丝网与乱堆的砖块相结合,details of the bounding wall made of the combination of metal cells and disarranged bricks ©Tanachat Sooksawasd

▼酒店围墙细节,砖块并未完全填满整个金属丝网结构,details of the bounding wall, putting bricks halfway of the wall ©Tanachat Sooksawasd



▼酒店主入口,一条走道贯穿了花园,the entrance area, a walkway is set down on the garden ©Tanachat Sooksawasd

▼花园及其步道,选用高大的树木和灌木丛为主要的植被,the garden and its walkway with tall trees and bushes ©Tanachat Sooksawasd

▼花园及其步道,景观设计打造出一种宽敞感,the garden and its walkway, the landscape design is based on sparseness of space ©Tanachat Sooksawasd

Landscape-wise, the design is based on sparseness of space. Tall trees and bushes are two main plants to be used to create shades for the garden and hotel so that they won’t make the space too dense. Betel trees and Gooseberry Trees were there prior to the construction and the architects decided to keep most of the old trees, therefore only 2 new Buoyancy trees are planted where they can create shade for the lobby building in the afternoon.

The walkways are laid with the very same bricks used for building the hotel’s wall. This walkway is set down on the garden to lead walker to each spot of the project. On the other hand, the garden segments are divided by merely one material to expresses simplicity; gray pebbles, fountain grass, and red grass are the materials picked to cover soil and create pleasance within this ‘Wonderwall’.

▼花园及其步道,步道上铺设的砖块与酒店围墙所使用的砖块完全相同,the garden and its walkways that are laid with the very same bricks used for building the hotel’s wall ©Tanachat Sooksawasd


The rusty metal texture, rough cement-coated wall, naked concretes inside the building, as well as the furniture inside the café, are all meticulously chosen to express genuineness of materials. The architects believe that the textures of every material contain their own beauty when arranged properly in simple ways. It even creates more uniqueness to the project by choosing to lessen fanciness of the materials, which would certainly give visitors satisfying and new experiences.

▼酒店大堂体量,the lobby building of the hotel ©Baanlaesuan

▼酒店大堂体量外观近景,采用粗糙的水泥外墙,close view of the lobby building with the rough cement-coated wall ©Tanachat Sooksawasd

▼大堂体量外观局部,设有大型的落地窗,partial exterior view of the lobby building with large windows ©Tanachat Sooksawasd

▼酒店大堂,the lobby ©Baanlaesuan

▼大堂体量中的咖啡馆,采用裸露的混凝土材料,设置混凝土构件,the cafe in the lobby building with the naked concretes ©Baanlaesuan

▼从咖啡馆透过玻璃看室外花园和由生锈质感的金属面板围合出的楼梯,viewing the garden and the stairs enclosed by rusty metal texture from the cafe through the floor-to-ceiling window ©Baanlaesuan


▼酒店客房体量外观,exterior view of the guest room building ©Tanachat Sooksawasd

▼客房体量外观局部,室外楼梯由生锈质感的金属面板围合,partial exterior view of the guest room building with the outdoor stairs enclosed by rusty metal texture ©Baanlaesuan

▼客房室外楼梯细节,details of the outdoor stairs of the guest room building ©Tanachat Sooksawasd

▼从客房体量看酒店花园,viewing the garden from the guest room building ©Tanachat Sooksawasd

The rooms are renovated from the old dorm’s rooms, making them quite small. That’s why the bathroom walls of Superior Room were replaced with Reeded glass in order that they can be sparser. White coated walls were chosen to make the rooms bright and light, while the Suite Rooms were once 2 dorm rooms which are now connected to each other and can accommodate up to 3 people; the wall in front of the room is now replaced frosted glasses and located close to the living space, making this type of room even sparser and suitable for accommodating group tour.

▼酒店高级客房,墙面被粉刷成白色,浴室使用带有凹槽的玻璃墙体,the Superior Room with white coated walls, the bathroom uses Reeded glass ©Baanlaesuan

▼酒店夜景,night view of the hotel ©Tanachat Sooksawasd

▼实体模型,physical model ©blank studio

▼酒店首层平面图,ground floor layout plan ©blank studio

▼酒店客房体量各层平面图,hotel building floor plans ©blank studio

▼大堂体量各层平面图,lobby builidng floor plans ©blank studio

▼大堂体量立面图和剖面图,elevation and section of the lobby building ©blank studio

Project name: Wonderwall Hotel
Architect’ Firm: b l a n k s t u d i o
Design Team: Ukrit Borwornsin, Satawatch Katlivong, Palida Settasuporn, Naphitchaya Phermsang-ngam, Pilawan Piriyapokai
Project location: Chiang Mai, Thailand
Completion Year: 2019
Gross Built Area (square meters or square foot): 571 sqm.
Photo credits: Tanachat Sooksawasd, Baanlaesuan.com
CI Design: pommballstudio
Material Brands / Products:
1. SCG-Cotto / Floor tiles
2. At East Lighting / Electric lamp
3. TOA / Color Paint, Steel Coating
4. Lamena’ / Laminate floor

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