Winlead Intelligent Park – The Renovation Project of Shenzhen Bantian SZMH Industrial Park By BE Design

To make the buildings full fit the new requirements of the functions, with developing the landscape and redesigning the exterior facades.

Project Specs


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项目背景 Project Background


Winlead Intelligent Park, which is focus on the field of intelligent hardware and equipment, is located at the interchange of Banxuegang Avenue with Fada Road in the core area of Banli Innovation Avenue (Longhua District), one of the 12 key zones in Shenzhen. The park is only 200 meters away from the northwest exit of Bantian Station, Longhua metro line. The surrounding transportation network is fully developed directly connected to banxuegang Avenue, Nanping Express, Jihe Express and having Shenzhen North Railway Station just 5 kilometers away. These connections are highly convenient for city exchange and both domestic and international business contacts.

▼项目全貌,full view


The park, formerly known as Shenzhen Bantian Materials Industrial Park, was a typical example of Shenzhen industrial park’s architecture during the early 90s. It covers an area of about 75300 square meters, including 8 industrial buildings and 3 dormitories, with a total floor area of 86000 square meters. The whole planning is divided into four parts, Buildings 1-6 in the southern part will be transformed into office buildings, Buildings 7-8 will be research and development buildings, central Buildings will remain as dormitory and the undeveloped area at the north will be develop as commercial area. To enhance the value of the existing buildings we keep the original structure of them but replace the original functions into new ones. To make the buildings full fit the new requirements of the functions, we developed the renovation of the interior spaces, facades and landscape. Taking always into account the cost and benefits of the different interventions on the site. 

▼总平面图,master plan

此次第一期改造建筑为1-6号工业厂房,建于1992年,占地面积23600平米,层数均为6层,层高首层4.2米,其余各层3.8米, 其中1、3、5栋的建筑面积为8291.3平米;2、4、6栋的建筑面积为8305.9平米,共计49790平米。

The first phase of the renovation includes Industrial Buildings 1-6, which were built in 1992, with a site area of 23600 square meters and a GFA of 49790 square meters. The 6- story buildings have a height of 4.2 meters on ground floor and 3.8 meters on other levels.

▼一期改造,the first phase of renovation


原有建筑 Original Buildings


Buildings 1-6 are the typical industrial buildings from the 1990’s. Due to the extremely fast expansion of industry in the area, the buildings were designed with regular interior space and standard façade without any distinctive element compare to the surrounding buildings. Later, the facades were colonized with temporal elements such as air conditioner external units, electric wires and ventilation pipes. Moreover, because of the high demand of industrial spaces, the internal space was transformed into metal processing lines, warehouses, or small workshops by users without considering the changes they were making in the design or functionality of the building.

▼原有建筑分析,analysis of original buildings

▼立面规整,redesign the facade


立面改造 Façade Renovation

1.整块划分 The Division


Considering the budget of renovation, the original facade structure and basic elements were kept. The new interface is created by consistent vertical and horizontal lines and regular surfaces.

▼规整的立面线条,the regular facade


2.角落打开 Break the Solid Corner


To brake the solid side walls of the original buildings, the solid corners were replaced by filleted glass boxes to bring the city landscape into interior space. The corners also become the boutique interface for the urban view.

▼园区引入景观,bringing in the city landscape


3.主立面规整 Clean the main façade


The main façade facing to south and north gets a new expression though some simple and effective elements. We took advantage of the existing columns in the façade to generate vertical divisions. This divisions will vary their width from upper to lower level and integrating air conditioner units and LED illumination making this element be part of the façade language. Lighting lines on them will enhance the vertical feeling of the building. In between this vertical divisions we provide floor to floor windows to maximize the inside / outside connection. The colors used on the façade makes a game between the neutral colors on solid materials and the warm color of the lights in the night.

▼主立面高低错落的渐变灯饰,lighting on the facade enhance the vertical feeling of building



Each of the buildings entrance lobby is designed with an iconic canopy to attract the people’s eyes. Landscape pool outside of the lobby will extend to the inside creating a borderless landscape together with the green wall. The lobby interior space is designed as a double height space with the idea of natural light bringing a simple and lively feeling to people.

▼入口大堂的雨蓬,the canopy at the entrance lobby

▼入口大堂,the entrance lobby


技术细节 Technique Details


From the technical details, the standard modules of facade were prefabricated in the factory and installed on site, saving time and providing a better construction control. The position of air condition behind the vertical aluminum bars help to keep a clean elevation. The air condition can be installed though operable windows and each main span has an air-condition position. The glass box on the corner pops out from the original structure with a steel structure making a small cantilever.




Winlead high-tech park is one of the government cultivating industry incubators and successively won several Titles as the Shenzhen peacock plan incubators, Shenzhen investment promotion key industrial park, Shenzhen Longgang creative industrial park, Longgang district industry federation of carrier supervisors unit among others. As an important part of Longgang District industrial upgrading strategy in Shenzhen, Winlead provides a cloud based one-stop service system needed to solve different business requirements. Winlead includes share working space, intelligent hardware trial production base, supply chain management, research and incubation center, accelerator and brand launch center. Helping to accelerate innovative company’s hatching though the whole ecological industry chain.


▼1、3、5号厂房首层平面图,ground floor plan of 1, 3, 5 building

▼1、3、5号厂房二层平面图,the second floor plan of 1, 3, 5 building

▼1、3、5号厂房立面图,elevation of 1, 3, 5 building

▼1、3、5号厂房剖面图,section of 1, 3, 5 building

▼2、4、6号厂房首层平面图,the ground floor plan  of 2, 4, 6  building

▼2、4、6号厂房二层平面图,the second floor plan of 2, 4, 6 building

▼2、4、6立面图,the elevation of 2, 4, 6

▼2、4、6号厂房剖面图,section of 2, 4, 6 building

建筑设计:彼山设计 BE Design.
Project name: Shenzhen Winlead Intelligent park
Project location: Shenzhen Bantian
Site area: 23,600㎡
Building area: 49,790㎡
Function: Offices\commercial
Client: Shenzhen Materials Group Co., Ltd.
Architecture Design: BE Design
Landscape Design: Pansno landscape architecture studio.
Extended preliminary design: Zhubo design group co., LTD.
Façade Design: Shenzhen jinggong design & decoration engineering co., LTD.
Photos: Shenzhen Materials Group Co., Ltd.\ Buildever Design Inc.

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