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Appearing simple while surprising

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Weinblick位于一片葡萄酒园之中,单调传统的建筑经过 MARCH GUT 的改造变得焕然一新。建筑的正立面朴实无华,但朝向葡萄田地一侧的空间却令人惊喜。阶梯式坡屋顶成为客人们休息、品酒和欣赏葡萄园美景的最佳场所,建筑也因此而得名 – “葡萄园中的眺望台”(wine-view)。阶梯延伸进室内,变成了连接屋顶、室内空间和酒窖的楼梯及货架。位于葡萄田下、深入地底的酒窖暗示着葡萄藤惊人的根系深度。酒窖墙体以未加修饰的黄色粘土固定,极富当地特色。干净柔和的白色光源照亮了酒窖,而葡萄酒整齐地排放在中部长长的酒架上,优雅却不傲慢。建筑师希望强调葡萄酒园生产者的形象,因而也选用了最朴实的材料,金属楼梯、水泥地面和松木货架让新旧建筑融为一体。建筑师将这个仅有70平米的空间利用到了极致,也因此获得了2016年AIT大奖商业类建筑的二等奖。

In our approach to the design of Weinblick we focused on the themes of wine-tasting and lingering. The formerly simple and classic architecture of the building on the side of the garden was radically changed, so that a landscape of seating steps now offers the perfect place to look out into the vineyards while relaxing and tasting wine. This architectural detail has thus provided the name for the project: “Weinblick”, wine-view. The step form outside is continued inside the building, winding as a staircase or in the form of shelves into the cellar. Arriving in the cellar, visitors find themselves on an illuminated presentation bridge. The loess clay typical for this region was left in its unfinished state – the cellar offers an insight into the ground soil and the deeply rooted grapevines. For the presentation of the wines we created surroundings that are elegant without being aloof. We wanted to highlight the production character of a vineyard and we focused here too on earthy materials: metal, cement, and cluster pine conjoin the new architecture with parts of the old remainders of the building. In this way, we achieved an optimum use of the only 70- square-meter small room. Honored with the AIT – AWARD 2016, 2nd prize in the retail category.

▽ 建筑正立貌,building front facade

009-Weinblick by Pühringer GmbH & Co KG

▽ 葡萄园中的建筑,building in the vineyard

001-Weinblick by Pühringer GmbH & Co KG

▽ 阶梯式的屋顶兼休息空间,在天气过于炎热时屋顶的遮阳篷将会打开,形成荫蔽的座椅区,roof top seating steps, awning will be opened when in summer, providing a shaded seating area

002-Weinblick by Pühringer GmbH & Co KG

▽ 楼梯细部,细密的金属网带来丰富的视觉层次,detail of the seating steps

004-Weinblick by Pühringer GmbH & Co KG

▽ 从阶梯式屋顶进入室内的入口空间,entrance from the seating steps to interior space

003-Weinblick by Pühringer GmbH & Co KG

▽ 联系屋顶、室内空间和酒窖的楼梯与货架, staircase and shelves connecting the outdoor seating area,interior space and into the cellar

005-Weinblick by Pühringer GmbH & Co KG

▽ 地窖内长长的台阶,staircase in the cellar

006-Weinblick by Pühringer GmbH & Co KG

▽ 明亮的地窖和地窖内长长的酒窖,illuminated presentation bridge in the cellar

007-Weinblick by Pühringer GmbH & Co KG

▽ 内部商业空间,interior space

008-Weinblick by Pühringer GmbH & Co KG

▽ 建筑图纸,drawings


Client: Franz Anton Mayer
Architect: MARCH GUT
Photocredit: archipicture

Drawings: MARCH GUT
English Text: MARCH GUT
Chinese Text: gooood

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