WAVE – Catwalk Installation of Shanghai Fashion Week, China by BenBai Lab

Striding back and forth between mirrors

Project Specs

Design Firm:

非常感谢来自 本白建筑实验室 对gooood的分享。
Appreciation towards BenBai Lab for providing the following description:


This is an installation designed for Lanneret in Shanghai Fashion Week. 66 triple prisms with 2.4m high arrayed linearly in the center of the space. As models striding back and forth on the stage, images in the mirrors were randomly cut and rearranged unpredictably.


环境 | Environment


Mirrors vanished in the darkness while the fragments of light moving and dancing in the site.


The intervention of the mirror installation enriched the space level. Real images and mirror images were intertwined and jumped in varied dimensions.


概念 | Concept


The inspiration of this installation came from the shimmering water. The surface of the water can be abstracted into a flowing and waving mirror face which is infinitely expended and sensitive to the environment.


几何研究 | Research


The physical model of water wave can be simplified as a mirror surface which periodically rise and fall between peaks and valleys.


The tangent angles of water wave are periodically changing by the time. We divided water wave into a group of continuous minimal plane. The reflection of light from these small mirror faces eventually formed the changeable mirror images.


抽象 | Abstraction


A series of operation (fold, bend, micronization, unitization) applied to the mirror face formed the prototype of the installation.


空间操作 | Operation


Placed the triple prisms into the narrow stage,a sense of order were extended in the middle of the field. When models exquisitely walked through these columns ,a religious connection had been produced between the installation and human.


▼放射波面相互扰动,the rotation angles was set according to the form of ripple

▼三棱镜柱的角度随波段变化,the perturbation from the wave fields leads to the nonlinear organisation of the mirror triangular prisms

A gradient of rotations applied to the triangular prisms to enhance the sense of movement and flow. The rotation angles was set according to the form of ripple. The perturbation from the wave fields leaded to the nonlinear organisation of the mirror triangular prisms.

设计方:本白建筑实验室 BenBai Lab
项目设计 & 完成年份:2018.03
设计团队成员:杜扬 郭佳
项目地址:中国,上海 ,太平桥公园

More: BenBai Lab.

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