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Presenting view of the future in sharing space using dynamic light

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A new type of office space by Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. used by company members for various independent projects. Different office style was required for the design of the new business of the well-known Japanese company.

▼办公室概览,overview © Tomooki Kengaku

▼通向主空间的走廊,corridor towards main space © Tomooki Kengaku


▼中央下沉沙发区,sunken sofa area positioned in the center © Tomooki Kengaku

▼办公桌区,desk area © Tomooki Kengaku

▼从沙发区看向窗外,desk area © Tomooki Kengaku

▼宽大的沙发,large sofa © Tomooki Kengaku

▼从沙发区看向一侧的咖啡角,view of coffee corner from the sofa area © Tomooki Kengaku

The space had to differ from the usual office space, where usual atmosphere would be for the people to work at their desk.  In the context of several projects and group of people working together at the same time, the aim was to make people from different teams feel like sharing a single space.  The entire office is a large open space with a large sunken sofa area that is positioned in the center, where the workers can spend their time as they like and work as they prefer – either on the large sofa, desk area or corner coffee table with a view of the city. The point was to create an office where people can truly relax and spend their time in freedom, in the essence of feeling in their own house which was taken into inspiration and applied to all common spaces, such as living or dining environment.

▼可以欣赏到城市风光的咖啡角,desk area © Tomooki Kengaku

▼用餐区,dining area © Tomooki Kengaku

▼用餐区家具细节,dining area © Tomooki Kengaku

为了营造空间的未来感,设计团队将室内装饰技术融入办公室日常化的方方面面,以表现出空间的创新性。办公室中央的高分辨率屏幕上播放的图像投影在整个办公室中,为空间蒙上了绚丽的色彩。I IN事务所通过模糊图像与现实空间之间的界限,突出表达空间的未来感。

▼高分辨率屏幕上的动态图片,dynamic images on high-resolution screen © Tomooki Kengaku

▼屏幕高清图片投射的光影充盈整个空间, light of high-output images on the screen flowing in the whole office © Tomooki Kengaku

▼玻璃上反射的屏幕图案, images on the screen reflected on the glass © Tomooki Kengaku

To create a place, where people can feel the future, technology in the interior that embraces everyday life has been used as a way of expressing newness. High-resolution screen with high-output images flowing in the center of the office, emits color-lit images throughout the whole space. By blurring the boundaries between the image and the reality, I IN aimed for an expression that symbolized the true future.

▼未来感的空间, space with feeling of future © Tomooki Kengaku


The walls, pillars and kitchen counter are finished with a plaster material with a soft texture, adding gentle atmosphere to the space, while emphasizing the boldness of the solid materials. Custom-designed desks and sculpturally-shaped dining tables, create a pleasant contrast with the wall finishes with close feeling to the human touch.

▼走廊空间, corridor space © Tomooki Kengaku

▼墙壁和立柱采用了质感柔软的灰泥材料,walls and pillars  are finished with a plaster material with a soft texture © Tomooki Kengaku

▼厨房柜台的光影,light of the kitchen counter © Tomooki Kengaku


▼被墙壁包围的会议室,meeting room surrounded by walls © Tomooki Kengaku

▼渐变光透过会议室的玻璃门进入房间,gradation colored light flows into the room  through the glass door © Tomooki Kengaku

In contrast to the open space, the meeting room, which is surrounded by a plastered curved wall with soft shading, the space is much more quiet and the design reflects its’ calmness. Through the glass, using characteristic color gradation, slight colored light flows into the room. By rebuilding light, shape, materials and the way people spend their time at work, the whole office became a comfortable space, while presenting a new view of the future.

▼办公室远眺,view of the office from distance © Tomooki Kengaku

▼办公室夜景,office at night © Tomooki Kengaku

Client: Mitsui Fudosan Co.,Ltd
Project Management: Cosmos More
Constructor: MITSUI Designtec
Lighting design: LIGHT CUBE
Photography: Tomooki Kengaku

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